It’s An Ugg Life…

Hey lovelies!

Just a quick post today, So if your a reader of my blog you will probably know that I’m a big fan of being comfy! i love my PJ’s my no make up days and most of all my Ugg Boots! i think i have 5 pairs so today i went and bought my 6th :) greedy i know but I’m so in love with them its just becoming an obsession! i even mentioned it on my twitter this morning if your a follower! so Ugg Boots was today’s main aim!

Now I’m used to having the more natural colours like chestnut, grey and sand but today i walked in the shop and yes i have small feet so i went straight to the kiddy section and saw baby pink! how cute! so i just needed to have them! i hope they do me proud :)
They was £110 as they was children’s but i think Ugg Boots are worth every single penny! after my very first pair I’ve never gone back! there just like walking on cushion’s! how cheesy, but how true! :)
So are you a lover of Ugg boots? i find myself just not wearing any other shoes and my feet just fall into them there just so comfy! but i guess you cant teach an old dog new tricks ey :)!

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