I’m Supporting GB :)

Hey lovelies!

So because I’m a proud member of the Next Blogger Network i was sent one of their new celebratory ‘im supporting’ Olympic scarves! i was so pleased to be asked if i wanted to join in! and of course i did :) i really enjoy the Olympics! the scarf was wrapped so beautifully i didn’t want to unwrap it! but when i finally plucked up the courage to do so it came with a lovely next booklet! which was so thick and luxurious, and filled with information about different 2012 products available from next!

so these are the two scarves which are available at next the left is the Olympic GB one and i was sent the one on the right which is the Paralympic one and all profits go to the BOA and BPA. You may have even seen Kate Middleton wearing a scarf to support GB! :)
I think the hand painted design is so creative and versatile and the colours are really vibrant! The scarf would be a cute, wearable way so show your support for the Olympics!

Want to see how i wore mine?

The first two ways i wore mine was as a head scarf.
one was with the tie at the front for slightly more detail and the second with the tie underneath so it was just nice and simple :)

And the third way was as a top!
I decided to make it off the shoulder so you could see more of the design and paired it with some simple black high waisted shorts :)


well that’s how i wore mine! how would you wear yours?

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