Hair Crush – Pixie Lott & Ashley Tisdale

Hey lovelies!

So I’m sat in my back garden watching the rabbit run around, with the laptop writing a blogpost, how much better can it get ? well i have a vimto lolly so its getting better every second if i do say so my self! so all this sunny weather has seriously made me think about my hair! I’m a natural brunette but i just love my hair being blonde don’t get me wrong i love dark brown hair but i like it on people with dark eyes and olive skin and I’m just not once of them i have green/hazel eyes and well my skin after writing this post in the sun ill probably be red raw, now I’m not silly my nan has already warned me “Chels put some suncream on!” so i have but i have that skin that likes to go red before it goes brown.
So back to the hair two of the people who’s hair i truly LOVE are Pixie Lott and Ashley Tisdale.


Pixie Lott, So i loved pixie’s hair when it was long, platinum blonde! she could do so many styles with it! i know like me she loved having a gorgeous plait at the front she was always seen with a headband, flowers or the plait and i loved her for it! any kind of hair accessory she could pull off then along came the bob! now I’m not a big fan of bobs i just love long hair i think theres just much more too look at but i mean come on Pixie Lott looks great with a bob! it makes her look much more grown up! i must say i do miss all the hair accessories tho :(


Ashley Tisdale, now Ashley has had both brown and blonde hair and the kind of in between stage where your trying to get back from blonde to brown.. now she just looks great with both! i actually can not decide which i like best? i even loved the in between stage!
She just has the hair which i want! never a hair out of place looks great both straight or curly it looks gorgeous being brown or blonde? does this just not make you so jealous!
So there you have it :) the two people who’s hair that i crush over! i love Pixie Lott’s hair long and curly with all the accessories she used to wear and Ashley Tisdale i just cant decide i love them all! :)
Who’s hair do you secretly want?
So its my friends birthday get together tonight, so I’m please to say i will be sitting in the garden all day working on my natural tan then to go out and either wear the bargain buy h&m dress which i just cant wait to wear or the Topshop Striped one which was on my wish list. hmmm decisions decisions!
Happy Friday everyone :)

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