Friday Favourites :)

Hey lovelies!

So I’ve been feeling kinda rubbish today, i have got like one serious headache going on! so tonight is on serious pyjama time for Chels, not that theres alot of difference from my other nights as they are also spent in my PJ’s! .. LAZY :) so its just a quick post from me today, I’ve never done a post like this before but hey, theres a first time for everything right! :) so these a just the top 4 of my favourite things this week!

*Naked blonder shampoo and conditioner
Barry M Nail Paint – Coral
Ugg Boots Light Pink
*Eco tools Brushes
There is a review on the naked blonder shampoo and conditioner HERE if you look at the review you can see this shampoo and conditioner seriously made a difference to my blonde hair! it really did lighten it :)
Barry M coral is becoming my must have nail polish at the moment, i just love the colour and i find that when I’m feeling in a rubbish mood it sure cheers me up a little!
Light pink Ugg boots, so i did a cheeky little post on these babies as i couldn’t hold my excitement! find it HERE since wearing them i love them even more! they just haven’t been off my feet except to sleep!
Eco tools make up brushes, so again i have already reviewed these brushes HERE i just love them! they are super soft and feel gorgeous on your skin and the fact that they are friendly to the earth makes them so much better!
So there you have my Friday favourites! i would of put my PJ’s on there too but i thought that’s pushing my obsession with being lazy a little bit too far :) so do you have any favourite products at the moment?
*PR Samples

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