Doing The Denim Look :)

Hey Lovelies!

So I’m loving all the celebs wearing denim! I’ve always been a big fan and now its just filling up more and more of my wardrobe!
And i thought today i would show you a selection of celebs in denim and steals of their style :)

Miss Selfridge Tie Denim Shirt

Jessie J, now i have been just loving watching her on the voice! as soon as i saw this sleeveless denim tie shirt! i knew i had to have one! true it not the exactly same one but she probably paid like ¬£1000 for hers which i just don’t have so i was looking through the usual websites which i do and i found this one from Miss Selfridge which was just perfect!

Ditsy Denim Bralet

Vanessa Hudgens, So I’ve found the exact same one which she wore! Yes its from good old topshop! it never lets us down now i have always been a fan of the bralets but I’ve always been to body conscious to wear them, i think they look fab on everyone else but as soon as i try one on it just doesn’t look the same! must be something in my head! but the denim one which Vanessa wore is just gorgeous!
Topshop Cropped Bleach Denim Shirt
Miley Cyrus, So miley was seen here wearing a bleached cropped denim shirt showing off her newly toned figure! ( so jealous ) shes looking just fabulous at the moment don’t you think? I’m not too sure if this is the exact same one, but it sure is a good look a like! its a great top for everyday wear, and can be worn with so many different things i have to say this is my favourite of the bunch!

Topshop Denim Shirt, Topshop Denim Zip Bralet, Next Skinny Jeans,

Rhianna, so here shes seen wearing the old school double denim! could even say triple denim as 2 tops and some jeans! so for Rhianna’s style Ive put together a topshop bralet which a topshop denim shirt which you could wear both tied like Rhianna’s or just down normal, and I’ve teamed them with a gorgeous pair of next skinny jeans!
So there you have it guys! my celeb denim style steals if that’s what you call them :)
what do you think, are you loving denim as much as me?

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