Big Beautiful Hair – Fish Fixer Hair Spray Review

Hey lovelies!

So every girl needs a good hairspray on their shelf right? to make that big Cheryl Cole hair possible!
and i find that the fish fixer hairdressing co. is a great little hairspray! now I’m not really one who wears alot of hairspray, i only tend to wear it when i go on nights out after I’ve used my rollers any other time I’m a hair in a scruff bun, no make up kinda girl :)

*Price £2.99
Size 250ml
Available from Boots nationwide and Keep Me Inspired
Using Fish Fixer, The Hairspray its self smelled just gorgeous kind of a coconut smell! and it wasn’t too strong plus it didn’t stick to the back of your throat like hairsprays usually do which i really liked! as that’s a big pet hate for me with hairsprays! i sprayed too lots all over my hair and as you can see from the first to second picture the hold wasn’t too great..but i quite like that as i don’t like seriously fixed curls i think they look kinda too fake i like them to look a little bit messy. The curls didn’t feel crispy and it was so easy to brush out the next morning :)
The Verdict, I really liked this hairspray it smelled lovely and my curls lasted a good 8 hours even if they did drop a little bit.. but then again i like when curls drop so i guess its a personal preference. it is a natural hold hairspray so i would say its expected that your curls drop slightly. they didn’t feel crispy like some other hairsprays can leave your curls my hair just felt nice and natural plus it was so easy to brush out the next day! so overall its a thumbs up from me!
HELP, Also i need your help bloggers.. I’m in need of a new tracksuit, the last on i had was an Adidas one and i took a tumble and ended up with a hole in the knee.. not cool so i need a new one! I quite like the juicy couture ones but I’m not too sure so i was wondering if any of you have any ideas on a perfect tracksuit? would be much appreciated as i have been looking for ages and i just can not find any that i love :(
Anyway i hope you all have a lovely Friday evening I’m not feeling too well AGAIN so i plan on sitting in my onesie and watching the tele all night :) ooo i cant wait already! I’m such a lazy girl.. I’m excited the 40 year old virgin is on tonight i just love that film! and Alan Carr i just LOVE him :) and I’m extra excited for The Voice and Britain’s got talent tomorrow night i seriously need to get a life :) oh well i hope you all have just as much fun as me! :)
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