Vo5 Miracle Mist

Hey lovelies!

Well what a rubbish day where having! its non stop raining here I’m not a big fan of rain unless I’m all tucked up in bed cosy and warm with it hitting my window.. now that sends me too sleep anyways theres nothing worse than frizzy rain hair right? well Vo5 Miracle Mist will tame the frizz :)

So i guess if your like me and you dye you hair and use heat then every little help you can get for your hair you should grab it with both hands! and this is what i did with this product when i saw it on the shelf all those months ago! and I’m so glad i did..

Price- £4.39
vo5 miracle mist is available at most supermarkets and drugstores.
buy it online at Boots
On The Bottle,  spritz some life back into your hair with this lightweight, leave in conditioning spray. with an essential 5 oil blend & extract of satin silk this miracle mist will:
  •  Give you lightweight moisturisation.
  •  Improve manageability.
  •  Help protect against heat damage.
  •  Leave hair smooth, soft and with a healthy shine.
Using The Product, The bottle says to spray onto clean towel dried hair and comb through plus it says you can spray a little onto dry hair to tame frizz. I find my self doing both of these i love it so much, the smell of this is just so pleasant a slight coconut smell, it kind of reminds me of a holiday smell. I love getting a slight smell of my hair throughout the day when its been used, and i must say it most defiantly lived up to all those claims on the bottle, after using miracle mist my hair is smooth, has no tangles and it sure does tame frizz!
The Verdict, Well seeing as I’m coming to the end of my bottle I’m defiantly going to go out and buy it again and seeing as I’m going to do that i class that as a really good product! it does what it claims and the smell is just delicious! I love anything that can tame frizzy hair and make my hair feel super soft! so its a big thumbs up by me! :)
Have you tried Miracle Mist what was your thoughts?

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