Silly Sock Saturday :)

Hey lovelies!

Ino I’ve been a bad blogger lately! I’m slapping my wrists as i write this which is very difficult may i add :) but I’ve been busy trying to get my outfit sorted for my little outing to ladies day next Friday which I’m super excited for and I’m still not ready! ahhhh!

Anyway on with my little sock post! As you know if your a reader of my blog i have an obsession with cute silly socks! and while out shopping for my ladies day things i stumbled across these little cuties! PANDA SOCKS!

I couldn’t resist and just had to buy them :) they was £3.50 from Accessorize so i now have some cute little rabbit and panda socks! and I’m hoping my collection can keep on growing!

I also bought some jewellery and some more clothes! so ill try to get those blogged up either later today or tomorrow :)

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