Polka Dot Nails :)

Hey lovelies!

So the last few days I’ve been feeling rather down with migraines and such BLAH so i thought what better way to cheer myself up than add a dash of colour into my nails!
I grabbed my Barry M colour 279 Bright Pink, if your a reader of my blog then by now you will probably know that I’m a serious pink girl! and that my must have nail polish is Barry M So i started by painting all over pink but i just wasn’t too happy! So i got my nailene french tip pen which i got from superdrug it was only £4.99 and started adding polka dots! Each time i use this product i just love it more! It’s just like colouring your nails in with a felt tip pen!
As you can see this is my finished result.. and i just love it! it really brightened up my very dull day! there are plenty of other ways of doing this look with different colours and combinations.
i cant wait to try it again!
Have you tried polka dot nails, what colours did you use?
Plus whats your favourite Barry M colour? I’m again in need of some new colours :)
Anyways i hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! I’m going back to being lazy and chillin in my onesie this migraine is just taking up all my energy! So for tonight I’m feeling:
1. Onesie
2. Lucozade
3. Chinese/kfc
4.Blog stalking/facebook/twitter
Sounds like a pretty good boring plan don’t you think :)
have a good evening everyone

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