The Only Way Is Orange: Amy Child’s Self Tan

Hey lovelies!

So it’s no secret that i am abit of a tan addict, but i usually use my little Tesco cheap tans and they work great but seeing as I’m going to ladies day on Friday i decided to try out a new self tan.

After hearing all the really good reviews that Lauren’s way fake tan has received and watching Amy Child’s in Celeb big bother i know, like me she also loves her tan, so i thought hers would be a great one to try. Its easy to get hold of at your local Tesco which is good for me as i am so unorganised for ladies day not happy! so last night i went to Tesco picked up my fake tan and came straight home to try it! :) it comes in a spray, a cream and a mousse so i decided to go for the mousse version.

Size – 150ml
price -17.95

On The Bottle, ” fot the perfect tan prepare skin with Amy Child’s scrub it off exfoliator. apply slap it on moisturiser thoroughly to all dry areas ( ankles, elbows, knees and feet ) help protect light eye brows and hairline with a little extra moisturiser. apply mousse onto the applicator mitt then apply directly onto the body and face in a circular motion. lightly blend onto back of hands and top of feet. wash palms immediately after use.”

Of course i did not follow all of this, which is probably a little silly, but yes i was in that much of a rush to just get it done and in the heat of the moment i just rushed into my tanning. OPS.


I have no face make up on in these pictures just the Amy Child’s Fake Tan :)

Applying The Tan, The tan comes out a lovely brown colour and is a great guide colour for applying you can see where you have put the tan which is fab, the colour actually shows up right away i was amazed at how quickly i changed colour! i even had to run downstairs and show my mum my transformation! and as for the smell Strawberry’s and cream, it smells just Delicious, its miles better than the usual potent fake tan smell. Plus the next day when i woke up i didn’t smell of strawberry’s and cream or fake tan i just smelled normal which brilliant as I always feel a little conscious just in case people think i stink of tan! I was abit of an idiot as i didn’t apply this tan with a mitt as i should of done.. but i was just too excited to get the tan done and i couldn’t find my mitt ino today i feel like slapping my wrists my hands are like two little tangerines. I’m usually really good at avoiding orange hands. i did wash my hands vigorously twice after applying the tan but this morning when i woke up they was still orange :( but i will hold my little orange hands up and admit this is my fault.

I have no face make up on in these pictures just the Amy Child’s Fake Tan :)

The Verdict, Overall i am seriously pleased with my experience with this fake tan i only usually pay £5 at most for my tan so i did splash the cash and it was totally worth it! I am seriously a lovely tan colour not orange except from my hands but that one is my fault for rushing and not doing it with a mitt, i have no streaks which is always what we want right girls? and i just cant wait to show it off on Friday with my ladies day outfit :)

WOW i seriously have written alot today :) i hope I’ve not bored you too tears!
Have you tried Amy Child’s tan yet? Whats your verdict?

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