Loving Lilac

Hey lovelies!

So the sun came out today.. yey! about time don’t you think :)
and i thought i would try out one of my new nail polishes which i bought and showed in my haul post from yesterday, now i love the pastel trend and one of my favourite pastel colours is lilac although i must say i quite like them all.

The nail polish its self is called angelica it was £2.50 from Primark and it works really well! its not at all a watery colour which i expected it worked perfectly and i only used one coat which i find never happens with nail polishes. So all round i was super impressed and i will be going back for more colours! even though i already bought 3.. OPS :)
I’m thinking i may add polka dots to it tomorrow or some kind of nail art :) or just go for a completely different colour, i get quite bored of a nail polish colours quite quickly.. do any of you have the same problem?
Have you tried Primark nail polishes what did you think of them?

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