Lee Stafford: Bleach Blondes Review

Hey Lovelies!

Let me start by saying Happy Easter :) I hope you all have your new Easter clothes on so the birds don’t poo on you.. ? yep that’s what my families always told me so I’ve made sure to have some new clothes on today, i didn’t quite fancy birds pooing on me :)

Well my post today is on Lee Stafford’s bleach blondes Shampoo and Conditioner. Being a Blonde i HATE when my hair starts to look that yellowy orange colour, it can become brassy quite quickly. To help maintain that fresh new colour look and to keep the yellowness at bay, a toning shampoo is defiantly your new best friend! One i use quite regular is Lee Stafford’s Bleach Blondes.


Price-£6.12 each
Hurry 3 for 2 offer on at Boots on most products!


Lee Stafford’s Bleach Blonde Shampoo is designed to “lightly tone bleached hair, knocking out brassy canary yellow tones and refreshing and restoring it back to salon beautiful colour.”

One of the things i just love about lee Stafford products is the smell! its just lush! it smells just like all his other hair products which i find great you can always tell when someones been using lee! I’m yet to find a person that doesn’t like the smell of he’s products!

The Product, The shampoo its self it not made for everyday use just once a week to lift the colour and tone of your hair. You can see how deep purple the shampoo is from the picture, if used too often it could end up leaving a purple tint on your hair and we don’t want that! I certainly notice a difference once I’ve rinsed it off.
I then followed the shampoo with the bleach blondes conditioner! It also has a tint of purple but not quite as deep more of a lilac. The only downside to the conditioner is that it didn’t leave my hair all that soft but to say you only use it once a week i think its something i can live with.


The Verdict, You do get a lot of product for your money. The Tubes are very large considering you only need to use them once a week, it lasts months and months.
The only downside to the shampoo is that it doesn’t work up much of a lather but other than that it works wonders at toning your hair and keeping the yellowness at bay! and the conditioner didn’t leave my hair all that soft but i honestly think its worth it once a week for the results. I really would recommend these products to any blonde as i love what its done for my hair!
So i hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday :) I’m going to go and eat lots of Easter Eggs and lie on the couch for the rest of the day watching desperate housewives and lots of films! I may even take a trip to KFC for my tea its a hard life :)

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