Self Tan Review: Paradise Miracle Tan

Hey lovelies!

So if your a reader of my blog then you’ll know i SWEAR by my usual tesco tan, but walking down the isle last week this just jumped out the shelf at me! and i just had to buy it and test it out :)

Its called Paradise Miracle Tan and its in a hot pink bottle which just made it stand out on the shelf!
i picked the gradual tan because i like to keep a nice light sun-kissed tan!


On The Bottle, “the moisturising gradual lotion works with your natural skin tone to compliment your colouring leaving you with a healthy golden glow – no unnatural orange tones!”
And it sure does live up to its quote, I’m in LOVE with this tan! it dries quick, it left no streaks smells just gorgeous no sickly fake tan smell plus claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles!
Its a nice thick consistency which allows you to see where your rubbing it into your skin which is great! It says the tan develops within 4 hours and i did start to see results but i made sure to leave over night and apply another coat to make sure i had a deeper sun-kissed tan like i wanted! :)
The Verdict, i used this tan preparing for my night out and i was really pleased! i am defiantly going to be using it from now on, at £3.99 for a 250ml its just fab! The packaging looks great it just makes you want to tan and the tan worked perfectly! It just makes your skin feel super soft and it doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell, which is always a bonus! There was a full range of products i may just have to try some of the different ones they have to offer :)
Would you swap your expensive tans for a Tesco cheapy like me :) ?

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