Review: Body Shop Make Up Brush

Hey lovelies!
well yet again another migraine :( booo so today I’ve had to have the day of work, luckily they let me bring my work home so that was nice! so today I’ve been sat in my onesie all day.. if your lucky i may just do a post on that later :) its the best!
well today i decided to review my favourite of all bronzer brushes( I’ve had alot!) its the body shop face and body brush.
The body shop
Using The Brush, this brush really is the softest brush i have ever used! i sometimes sit there and just stroke my face its that soft! yes that does sound strange but its true! the brush glides over your skin for even coverage which is just what is needed in a perfect bronzer brush! it doesn’t leave bristles like other brands, which is defiantly a bonus!
Overall Thoughts, i really do love this brush! i have been using it for over 18 months and only recently does it need replacing! so it really is worth every penny even if it is a little expensive at £16. I’ve now had 2 of these brushes and i just will keep on buying them! i honestly don’t think i can think of a bad point other than the price but even that is worth it considering how long the brush lasts!
So if your looking for that new perfect brush your looking at it :)
well i hope your having a good Thursday and have enjoyed my post! I’m going to go back to chilling in my onesie! like i said if I’m feeling up to it ill try and get a picture in it and post on it.. its just the cutest thing!

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