Product Review: Tesco Tan

Hey lovelies

So today’s post is on Tesco’s self tan it honestly is one of my all time favourite self tans out there. I use this tan all the time! It’s only £2.97 so you always imagine cheap tan as rubbish tan well not this one!


Applying The Tan, the product its self is a white cream I applied the tan after having a shower and exfoliating my skin. I then applied an even coat all over and left it to dry. The bottle doesn’t exactly state how long it takes to dry it just says ‘hours’ which is very vague and it did take quite along time, the bottle also says it takes 2/3 hours to develop but I just left it over night to dry and develop and when I woke up in the morning I was not disappointed!

1.Good even coverage
2. Great colour
3. Easy to apply
4. No need for coat after coat
1. It does take a while to fully dry.
2. The smell it not the most pleasant but still not the worst.
Overall Thoughts, this is my all time favourite fake tan at the minute! its cheap and it gets the job done :) the colour looks natural and it doesn’t take days of applying, be sure to wash your hands properly straight away after because if you don’t the sight of little orange hands are just not pretty! plus if you save money on your self tan you have for to spend on the all important outfits! PERFECT! so i would defiantly recommend this tan!
do know of any good or have any favourite self tans?

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