Hair Review: Babyliss Heated Rollers

Hey lovelies :)

So today for you guys I’m going to review the Babyliss thermo-ceramic heated rollers!I’ve wanted heated rollers for a little while now and I was just too excited to get home and try these out! I’m a big fan of Babyliss products! That’s the main reason i went for these heated rollers over all the others out there So lets get on with it, I’m a real fan of Cheryl Cole! And I love her hair, and when I curl my hair she’s the role model that I use for inspiration for my finished look.

First impressions the rollers heat up really quickly, and one roller has an indicator dot which changes colour to let you know when the rollers are ready or you to use which is very helpful,The rollers are not however too hot to touch and would never burn you due to the soft velvet Material which they are made this is also used to keep your hair in place. The rollers themselves come in 3 different sizes small medium and large, I used large ones on the top section medium in the middle and small on the bottom section of my hair. In the box you get colour coded metal clips purple for the large, blue for medium and pink for small you also get a set of ten plastic clips which are A little easier to use if your doing your hair yourself, plus the rollers are washable! Which is super helpful as some styling products can build up over time. The guideline time for leaving in the rollers is 10 minutes, but I personally left mine in until the rollers were completely cooled. Firstly I put my rollers in, then I did my make up And usually by the time that’s finished they are cooled and ready to take out. Once I had taken the rollers out I gave my hair a big shake and ran my fingers through it a few times, then I Finished off with backcombing a little and adding hairspray. I never managed to use all the rollers which is a good thing as at first I was worried i could possibly run out. I bought mine from¬†Tesco for just ¬£24.97 which isn’t much to say how much I use them!










The verdict? I absolutely LOVE these heated rollers ! And I would recommend to everyone who is looking to buy heated rollers or looking to get a more volumised look. I used to dread getting out my curling iron because I know it would take a good 45 minutes and my arm would start to ache as with my rollers once there in I can go on preparing myself for the day or the night :)
Plus I got compliments on my hair all night after using these (BONUS) :)

I have to say I am really happy And impressed with these rollers ! So if you want compliments on your hair all night these are a must have! Hope you have found my post helpful :)

I will have more pictures of my hair later on tonight, so stay tuned! :)

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