Hair Review: Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo

Hey lovelies!
What a beautiful sunny day it is today! hows everyone’s mothers day going? good i hope :)
So today i thought i would review Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo. It was recommended by my hairdresser because he used it and said i would like it! So Ive tried this shampoo for 7 days now. i know the TV says its for men but when do us girls ever not take our boyfriends joggers and jumpers, so we may as well use their shampoo too! :)
The shampoo, claims to “strengthen weaken hair roots and prevent hair loss” the bottle states that you have to leave it on for 2 minutes (if left longer, more caffeine will be absorbed) so i did as i was told when on it feels cool to the head but I’m not a fan of that, when rinsing i found that my hair instantly felt like it had more grip but i put this down to it having no conditioner. So i found that while using the shampoo i needed to use a very good conditioner. during my week of testing i did notice my hair feeling slightly stronger than what is was before, which is an improvement As for new hair growth i did not notice any signs, although maybe more than a week will be needed to see a bigger impact. Even us girls are all guilty of wanting extra hair growth :)
The Verdict, i do feel the shampoo is worth trying for a little longer than a week, i don’t feel as if i have given it enough time to do all what it promises. I do see this as i worth wile product and i would recommend it to people experiencing hair growth problems, although i would maybe recommend it for people with shorter hair rather than longer hair, due to it having no conditioner. At £5.29 for a 250ml bottle i don’t think that its expensive at all! The TV advertisement states that’s the shampoo is for men although the bottle doesn’t say this but as from the colour and the style of the packaging it does feel quite a manly product. Maybe one day they will bring out a Alpecin caffeine conditioner!
Well i hope your all have a lovely Sunday evening the sun is still shining and I’m sat in my PJ’s! life’s good :) ill be back tomorrow!
Have any of you tried any hair growth products?

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