Hair Colour Adventures

Hey Lovelies!

So I was looking through my pictures and I thought, man I’ve had quite a few hair colours, now I’m not one which is adventurous with my hair, I never EVER have alot cut off only one time I had a fringe cut and I was so proud of my self! :) but I never kept it in.

Firstly, I was a blonde addict! and I bleached my hair until it was near death, not clever! Believe me! So I decided to dye it red it was the in colour at the time so I thought why not :) I did really like it but I was hard to keep up with! So then I decided to go back to my natural brown colour, but with a fringe, which was a big change for me! I was far from used to dark hair! So it was a big shock!

So after being a brunette again for a while I wasn’t too keen on it for myself, although I wish I liked it because I’m a real fan of brown hair! My hair seemed healthy enough to make the plunge! So I decided to make the trip back to being a BLONDE!

I started with just a few blonde foils and just kept on repeating the long process, Although because of the red in my hair after a couple of washes the red came through and made me hair a gingery colour. Which I didn’t like :(

 Finally, after a very long time my hair was back to good health and back to the lovely blonde colour i wanted it to be! so i wouldn’t class my self as adventurous but when you look at my hair journey i guess you could say that i have been  which makes me smile! and would probably make my hairdresser smile as i never let him cut more than a centimetre off my hair :)

What hair colours are your favourite?
I personally love being a blonde! i think that’s the best colour for me :)


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