Flower Power: Outfit Of The Day

Hey peoples!

Well I decided that after a pj day or two that I should actually get dressed today! I didn’t have anywhere special to go, as it was my day off work! And I had no plans. Loser. Well lets get on with it, spring is just around the corner so that means colour and patterns can start to creep its way back in!


I’m a big fan of floral patterns! They make me feel all girly and cute :) so after being abit poorly I decided I needed to cheer up and dress pretty so I went with my new buy of a river island floral sleeveless shirtdress! It was a real barging! At only £25!  Because I am a shortISH girl (5ft3) I kind of don’t like to admit I’m short :) .. The dress is rather long on me but it still is a truly gorgeous dress! It can be easily dressed up teamed with heels and accessories for more special occasions, or be worn casual with tights or leggings for in the day time. it really is a good all rounder dress! I am made up with my purchase! and I hope they bring more out like it throughout spring and summer :)

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