Wednesday Wish List

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I have so many beauty products and fashion items which i want to buy right now, the list just gets bigger and bigger, so i thought maybe i would share everything with you guys seeing as it’s been absolutely ages since i have done a wish list style blogpost on here. I’m not going to go into an awful lot of detail as to why i want all these things as well just look at it? The new Nars foundation (how dreamy does it look), Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury & Zoeva Brushes! It’s all pretty self explanatory don’t you think? As for the converse and the Nike Air Force 1’s, I am a huge trainer girl and with spring/summer pretty much around the corner i feel like getting prepared which means a new pair of Nike Air Force 1’s as last year i wore mine out and maybe some white leather converse too! Also how CUTE is the Barbie jumper? This is a jumper i just… NEED! 
What are you wishing for recently? 

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Whats On My Face #1

whats on my face, make up, ford, through chelsea's eyes,  charlotte tilbury stoned rose
whats on my face, make up, ford, through chelsea's eyes,  charlotte tilbury stoned rose

You ever get those days when you just really like the look of your make up? I know i do. This day was one of those days for me, so i thought i would snap a picture & write down all the products i used to document them for myself/share them with your just in case you kinda like the look of my face this day too! I didn’t use that many products and sometimes i find those are the days i like my make up best when i simplify the products used – maybe ill be doing this more often :)

♥ Foundation – Nars Sheer Glow
♥ Concealer – Rimmel Wake Me Up
♥ Powder – Benefit Hoola Bronzer
♥ Blush – Benefit Rockateur 
♥ Brows – Soap & Glory Archery Brow 
♥ Eyes – Mac Amber Lights & Saddle
♥ Liner – Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl in Cocoa Bean
♥ Mascara – Too Faced Better Than Sex
♥ Lips – Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk & Stoned Rose Lipstick
I’m also thinking of doing an updated ‘Everyday makeup routine’ as well I’ve kind of changed things up a little a lot since i last shared with you guys, it was nearly a year since i uploaded it now so let me know what you think? Or if you would prefer a run down on this makeup/any other makeup looks just let me know :)  

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Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review
Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review
Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set – €65.00

Are these not the prettiest brushes you ever did see? I kind of treated myself to an early Christmas present of the gorgeous Rose Gold Zoeva Brush Set, i have just been that busy enjoying them that my post got delayed until after Christmas. Yes you will probably by now of all seen these brushes before; as well they have been hyped by bloggers and beauty lovers all over the world, and i just couldn’t resist them any longer! The set comes with a total of 8 makeup brushes made up with both Face & Eye brushes, all packed up in the most beautiful clutch bag/travel bag; everything topped off with rose gold detailing! – which i know we all have a little soft spot for.
The Brushes are not only the prettiest, they are fantastic quality! These Zoeva brushes are made with both natural and synthetic hair depending on the brushes and are some of the softest most luxurious brushes i have ever used to date. The natural bristles are better suited towards powder products while the synthetic are perfect for both powdery and creamy products! So i thought i would give you guys a little run down on each of the brushes individually (going in order of the above picture).
102 Silk Finish: This brush makes applying foundation easy peasy, i think i would go as far as to say this is maybe my favourite out of all the brushes in this set. I just love pretty much everything about this brush, the size, the ball like shape and most of all the finish it gives my foundation, it never picks up too much product and i just get such even coverage when using this brush!
106 Powder: Obviously the name gives this brush away… It’s a brush that is aimed at applying loose and pressed powder. It is made up of synthetic bristles and is really soft great for applying powder the only problem for some is the size (for me it isn’t that big of a deal, i actually really like it and find it really nice to use) but for some the bristles may be a little long and narrow instead of flat and more wide spread fluffy.
110 Face Shape: the face shape brush is definitely one of my favourites from the set, It’s like the 102 Silk Finishes little mini me. It can be used for contouring (with cream products), More precise foundation application or how i like to use it is for under eye concealer, i find it really comfortable to use and it’s just the perfect size – not too big or too small.
142 Concealer Buffer: I prefer this concealer brush for use on any blemishes i might have, even though it is recommended for the under eyes, i find it a little hard and pointy for use on my under eyes (yes accidents have happened)  but for use on blemishes i find it perfect it’s really quick and easy to blend the concealer where you need it most.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek: This is the brush i was most excited to use, I’ve never actually owned an angled shaped brush which looked so easy to control, the angled brush i own the handle was too long to have full control. The 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek has natural bristles so is better to use with powder makeup products such as: Blush Bronzers & Contouring products. It’s really fluffy and blends out powder products really well giving a natural looking finish.Eyes:-

227 Soft Definer: This is the perfect brush for blending out powdered eyeshadows, It has natural bristles and to be honest is just the perfect shape for blending out eyeshadows. I’ve noticed it is very similar to the Mac 217 brush which is well loved across the beauty world.
231 Petit Crease: The Petit crease is the brush i have warmed to the most, at first I’ll be honest… i didn’t really get it, But after using it for a while I’ve found it to be really good for accentuating and blending in the crease. It again has natural bristles and is the ideal shape for helping create the perfect smokey eye. It really helps to pack on the colour and intensify the look.

317 Wing Liner: I’m really bad at winged liner… So anything which can help me along my way is welcomed into my makeup collection with open arms. It’s basically a really fine, angled brush which helps create a precise line (i like to use it with gel liners) and it has made my winged liner look a lot more professional!Overall, i am so pleased i can finally say i own the Rose Gold Zoeva Brushes not only are they super pretty they are fantastic quality! I didn’t think anything would replace my Real Technique brushes but the Zoeva brushes have definitely equalled the playing field. You can purchase these straight from the Zoeva website which will cost you €65 not including shipping, but to save myself the hassle of working out the cost from Euros to Pounds etc… I decided to order mine from Beauty Bay which ended up costing me £56.95 with free delivery and they arrived super quick, like the next day!

What do you think of this Brush Set? Are you a fan of the rose gold?



Happy New Year everyone, We are now in 2015. I know it’s pretty cliche to say but seriously how fast has this year gone? It doesn’t feel like two minutes since summer & now we are in a whole new year! Crazy huh?  So i thought i would write a little post to look back on 2014 along with making a couple of New Years Resolutions! 
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Starting my sharing a couple of this years highlights, along with some of my favourite pictures of 2014. Obviously this year i have managed to visit my good friend Tash a lot more which has been amazing! We attended events, Imats & just spent a cute day in Brighton along with plenty others this year so in 2015 i hope this continues as its been lovely being able to visit her so much! :) – I also got to go to the MCBUSTED concert which was just fantastic, words can not describe how much i was in my element singing along to all the busted/mcfly hits i used to love when i was younger, and only the other week i went to see Russell Howard on his wonder box tour, he is one of my favourite comedians & I’m so glad i can tick him off my list of people i have finally got to see live! & last but not least 2014 for me has been a year of concentrating on making my youtube better, i set myself the goal in my last new year post and after hitting 3,000 subscribers last week I’m proud of how far i have come :) Hopefully 2015 will continue to be positive! 
2015, happy new year, new year blog resolutions, new year resolutions, through chelsea's eyes, 2014 review,
This is one of my favourite quotes for New Year :) I have such high expectations for 2015, i think it’s because I’m going to really push myself (with no excuses for slacking this year) 
2015, happy new year, new year blog resolutions, new year resolutions, through chelsea's eyes, 2014 review,
 So being January 1st its time to begin a fresh start and set some goals, Here are just a few i plan to try and keep through out the year :) What are you new years resolutions?/plans for 2015?
♥ Be more organised.
♥ Work hard.
♥ Ditch phones when with company. 
♥ Sing out loud whenever i feel like it. 
♥ Worry less about what people think.
♥ Stop comparing myself to others.
♥ Give more compliments.
♥ Have a clear out. 
♥ Be bold, Brave and make 2015 my year! 
Hope you all had a fabulous New Year.. Here’s to 2015 ♥ 

Review | Kérastase Masque Force Architecte

Kérastase Masque Force Architecte, Kérastase Hair Masque, Kérastase, Hair treatment, hair treatment masque, damaged hair treatment, review, through chelsea's eyes,
Kérastase Masque Force Architecte, Kérastase Hair Masque, Kérastase, Hair treatment, hair treatment masque, damaged hair treatment, review, through chelsea's eyes,
It’s been a real long time since i treated myself to some new hair care and trust me when i say my hair really needed it after the disaster ombré (I’m not sure if i mentioned it on here) but a little while ago i decided to try out ombré so i booked in a salon and took in my pictures and i came out virtually brown… i couldn’t adapt. It wasn’t what i wanted and was such a shock i just couldn’t get used to it so i went and had my hair dyed back to blonde so its safe to say during that time it was put through a lot. 
I started to look into hair masques and one which kept popping up was the Kérastase Force Architecte  so i decided to bite the bullet and give it ago! said to be a ‘Reconstructing masque for brittle, very damaged hair, split ends. damage level 3-4’ Due to me dying my hair back to blonde my hair was definitely feeling brittle and damaged so a masque like this was just what the hair doctor ordered! I usually leave this on for about 10-15 minutes if I’m in the shower, but if I’m in the bath i tend to try and leave it on that little bit longer say 20-30 minutes. The masque itself feels so luxurious, as soon as i apply it to my hair i can feel it instantly feel much stronger, softer and nourished plus it smells amazing, i would say it has a kind of apple scent.

All in all, I’m so happy i went with this masque. I feel that as soon as i use it my hair instantly feels much better overall. Now i know nothing can work miracles on damaged hair, if hair is damaged then its probably due a hair cut but if something can help my hair feel and look better I’m going to give it ago! For me i just wish they did this in a bigger tub, 200ml is just not big enough for my liking.

What is your favourite hair treatment masque?