Why I’m OK With Being Alone on Valentines Day

Why I'm OK With Being Alone on Valentines DayIf you ask me Valentines day is way overrated… and that’s not just because i will be alone on Valentines day I promise you! I’m a strong believer in if you love someone that person should know all year round even if thats just by a text message each night letting them know. You don’t need to feel obligated into buying chocolates, flowers and a card on a specific day to celebrate your love. This year i will be spending my valentines day alone, and i thought id share Why I’m OK With Being Alone on Valentines Day and what i like to do because to be honest, i think being alone on Valentines day is probably the best way to spend it! And here’s why;

Being alone means theres more chocolate for me – I love my own company, so being alone on Valentines day is no issue for me. Just imagine you get to pick what chocolates you want to eat instead of hoping for a boy/your partner to guess which ones you like and best of all you don’t have to share them with ANYONE!

I can choose the film i watch – Rom-com, drama or even a horror you can choose. No need for the approval of the other half because when you are alone its all about what you want!

Junk Food – A takeaway to go with your film? yes of corse! and just like the film… you can pick exactly what you want. Starting to get the hang of Valentines alone? Thats right, It’s all about you!

No need to dress up – No need to worry about what to wear, theres no fancy restaurant to go to tonight so theres no outfit stress you can happily just relax in your sweats or PJ’s  – PERFECT!

Pamper night – As i said earlier i love my own company, it gives me peace of mind so this valentines day if you find you are spending it alone why not spend the night relaxing dig out all your favourite pampering treats, run yourself a nice bath and RELAX!

Galentines – If being alone is really not your thing, why not invite a gal pal over and do all of the above with one of your girlfriends! We don’t need a boy to enjoy Valentines day.

So thats a couple of ways i will be spending my valentines day alone, and I can’t wait! I’ve never been one to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day whether I’m single or got someone to celebrate with, I just don’t really see the point! It’s only a day after all…

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? are you a fan or do you not really care for it much? let me know in the comments.


2016 for me, was one of those years where every time i seemed to make a plan or set myself a goal something came along to get in the way to stop it and i am determined to make 2017 different. 2016 wasn’t the best year for me, it was a really tough year for many reasons so I’m pretty glad to see the back of it.

This year i am going to just try and go with the flow (really not easy for me but I’m going to try!) i have obviously set myself a few goals/aims which i will write down and keep to myself but I’m not going to put pressure on myself this year, i’m just going to go with the flow, let 2017 happen and let it reveal itself in time. Hopefully 2017 will be a much more kind year to me, an amazing year where everything falls into place.

I’m going to go through 2017 with the motto “Have Courage and Be Kind” and i hope more people start to do the same the world really needs to become a much kinder place! So Happy New Year everyone! Let me know what your resolutions/goals/aims for the year are?

Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (And How)

If you are anything like me, you will sometimes find yourself in the dark hole that is Comparing Yourself To Others. I’ve probably lived most of my life comparing myself to others; in school, in sports as i got older in work and now in blogging and social media. There are so many ways in which we can compare ourselves, I mean it’s completely human to want to compare yourselves to others, but it is something which can turn into a bad habit, a bad joy stealing habit. So here are some things to remember when you do find yourself starting comparing yourself to others…

 img_3783Comparing Yourself To OthersComparing Yourself To Others

Remind Yourself Nobody Is Perfect – Everybody has imperfections even those who we admire most. If we were all built exactly the same what a plain, boring world it would be. So take pride in knowing it’s those imperfections what make us unique.

Focus On Your Strength’s – Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, ask yourself what your strengths are! Be proud of them, focus on them and use them to your advantage.

Focus On The bigger picture – Life isn’t a competition so try not to focus on where you compare to others. Instead focus on where you do want to end up and set goals in place so you can and there! We are all on a personal journey, so it doesn’t matter how long  it takes to get where you want to be.

Focus On What You Can Change – Instead of getting into a pit of self pity, get into a motivating sate of mind and focus on the things which you can change, get organised, start writing lists, setting things in place, get off your butt and go make things happen! – Be the Best Version of You.

Stop Yourself – If ever you find yourself falling into the comparison hole, falling into a wallow of self pity take a deep breath and just pause. Turn all that energy which you would spend on comparing yourself on something which would be productive to your bigger picture. Change your focus!

We all have different lives, different struggles and different goals. Comparing yourself to someone else is just stealing the joy and happiness out of what you should be enjoying. Focus all that energy on our own goals, and remember to celebrate them no matter how small they may seem. I’ll finish with one of my favourite quotes “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms”

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? How do you stop yourself?

5 Ways To Feel Better When Life SUCKS!

5 Ways To Feel Better When Life SUCKSWe all have those times in our lives where life basically just sucks! So i thought it would be fun to share 5 Ways To Feel Better When Life SUCKS the big one! We all have different ways of coping with the stress of everyday life so heres what i tend to do when life is being a little bit shit to me and i want to feel better.

Watch your favourite programme/film – Seriously, we all have them. Those movies or TV Programmes what are just feel good and manage to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in, those ones you can watch time and time again because they give us the best fuzzy feelings and just cheer us up in general a favourite of mine is Harry Potter and obviously Friends!

Go for a walk – Have some time to yourself, take your headphones and just disconnect from the world. Go for a little walk and make sure to take in all the beautiful things nature has to offer! It will clear your head and hopefully you will feel better for it.

Talk to your friends/family – We all have those special someones in our lives who can cheer us up, and you can tell them anything, meet up with them or give them a call or a text and just have a laugh, a personal favourite of mine is just going backward and forwards sending meme’s. Who doesn’t love a good meme?

Tidy up – I don’t know about you but for me tidy house = tidy mind! If i feel down/stressed/worried i like to tidy up it just somehow makes my brain feel less cluttered, why not give it a try!

NAP! – Naps kinda fix everything in my book, even if it just for a little while! enough said.

So just remember even though today may suck, i feel like I’ve said the word suck an awful lot in this post although I kinda feel it has been necessary to say it as much as i have, tomorrow is a new day with lots of potential for new and exciting opportunities!

How do you cheer yourself you when you’ve had a bad day/bad time?

Let’s Have a Catch Up

Let's Have a Catch UpLet’s have a catch up if you follow my blog, or follow my twitter you may have noticed things haven’t been very active on here or my youtube channel recently and its time we got re-aquatinted!

I feel like this year has been a really tough one and why i don’t want to bore you with the details of how depressing life can be it’s left me feeling a little down with no confidence. I kinda let myself go, I’ve been eating terribly, (even for me) I stopped bothering with myself, i didn’t book any hair appointments, or even the little things like tending to my eyebrows! I just kind of sat and let life go by, which is totally not the right way to deal with things! (you may have noticed you haven’t seen my face for a while… this is why, i would of scared you!) I basically just lost all confidence in myself specially when it came to publishing a post, i just felt like no ones going to enjoy a post from me and like, who’s going to want to read a beauty post from the girl who isn’t looking after herself when there are all these other girls blog’s who you can choose to read and they are absolutely beautiful!

Anyway i decided enough is enough and i need to sort myself out, i can’t just sit and let life go by and i need to get back into the swing of things on here because i REALLY MISS IT! So i took some action, i joined a gym, i’ve booked a hair appointment and I can’t wait to start feeling better in myself and to start regularly publishing blogposts again! I’m also currently training as a makeup artist so i hope to start sharing makeup looks either on here or on Instagram and hopefully ill be soon posting more fashion post’s, yes i definitely need to make some time for fashion blog posts, as fashion is a huge passion of mine and this year it somehow has been lost, which makes me really sad and there will still be beauty posts and reviews obviously!

It’s been a tough year so far but it ok but have bad days and everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, its not the end. But I’m looking forward to getting back into normality and back to my blog being the escape it used to be :)