About Me

My name is Chelsea Yates and I’m the girl behind Through Chelsea’s Eyes,  A twenty-something, beauty & fashion enthusiast. Documenting her life, and leaving her mark on the internet. ♥
I am a huge lover of beauty, fashion and of course my animals.
Expect to find OOTD posts, reviews, hauls and basically everything else which takes my fancy, I have also started up a youtube channel which will also feature some of these style post in video form this is… Youtube/Throughchelseaseyes
I set up my blog in March 2012 after years of reading blogs and finding my self with a lot of spare time due to suffering with really bad migraines so that day in March i suddenly plucked up the courage and set up my space on the web.
This was just the perfect little pick me up i needed at that time, My migraines had seemed to be getting worse, getting in the way of my life and goals and I needed something positive to focus my time on.
Setting up my blog has been one of if not the best decisions i have ever made, it’s given me a purpose in life! And it has quickly become a huge part of me and i am very grateful for everyone I have met along the way i cant thank each and everyone of you enough.
  • Jordan Lee

    V.interestinggggggggg chelsssss :)

  • TheImperfectBeauty

    Hi Chelsea I was looking for the link to follow your blog but I cant find it! :( x

  • Kelsy van Eck

    Really pretty blog :) Good luck with the migraines.. x

  • PrettyGloss

    Hi Chelsea, just went through your blog. Its really cute. <3 I'll be following & visiting.. Good luck with your migraine.

    Looking forward to more cute stuff on your blog..!

  • Anonmous-mode

    This is THE best about me i have read! It's very honest and down to earth!

  • live.shiv

    I love love love your blog!

  • terrileanne x

    I set my blog becase of a illness too, it really is a great thing to focus on x

  • ynash

    Such a cute blog, will def follow you :)