3 Products on my Urban Decay Wish List

3 Products on my Urban Decay Wish List 3 Products on my Urban Decay Wish List 3 Products on my Urban Decay Wish List 3 Products on my Urban Decay Wish List

Urban Decay are one of my favourite brands, I have absolutely loved every single product which i have tried! – I use my Naked Palette daily. The other week i attended the official store launch night for the new Urban Decay store in Liverpool, It’s so nice to finally have a store like this up north and within driving distance as stores like this tend to stick to being in London. So i thought i would share 3 Products on my Urban Decay Wish List, perfect for if you have some spare christmas money and you are stuck on what to spend it on.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation – I’m dying to try out this foundation, I mean come on? the edgy packaging looks amazing and a full coverage, matte foundation which is said to not look overdone sounds right up my street for those days/nights when you want to make a little more effort.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – As you can probably guess right now I’m all about that base. A lightweight yet high coverable buildable concealer is something which is on everyones list isn’t it?

Urban Decay 24/7 Lip pencil – These are just the most luxurious lip pencils I’ve ever tried! I had my makeup done at the event and the lady used one of these lip pencils on me along with the gorgeous Vice Lipstick in Backtalk, I now need every single one of these lip pencils!

So if you are out and about in Liverpool don’t forget to drop in the new Liverpool Urban Decay store, it really is amazing! They have makeup stations where you can have your makeup done by a Urban Decay professional and they also have a selfie screen where you can capture your picture and have it appear in the store! It’s a great idea! So if you have some spare christmas vouchers/money hopefully this will give you a few idea’s on what you can buy!

Whats on your Urban Decay wish list?

  • elizabeth

    Ahhh you’ve got me wanting everything now! I’ve only tried the UD Chill setter spray but can’t wait to try more UD in 2017, so many things I’m longing to sample :D what’s your fave product by them? Adore your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡