Iconic London Contour and Conceal EVO Brushes

Iconic London Contour and Conceal EVO BrushesIconic London Contour and Conceal EVO Brushes

Are these not the most beautiful makeup brushes you’ve ever seen? These are the Iconic London Contour and Conceal EVO Brushes. I know they look a little scary at first (well they did to me) but let me tell you, they have totally changed my foundation game.

The Iconic London Contour and Conceal EVO Brush Set includes 3 brushes, the 003, 004 and 005 all with synthetic fibres which can be used to apply cream and powder products. They effortlessly blend them into the skin with such ease like no other brush I’ve used i put it down to the handle design and the shape of the brush head. The handles are designed to fit snugly into your palm and that they do! Included in the set are the:

003 – perfect for blending in your foundation.

004 – great for blending in concealer/contouring.

005 – Great for those smaller areas, i like to use it for contouring then blend in with my 004.

Overall these are a really nice set of brushes, at £40 a set they are perfect for if you want to try out this new style of brush! The brushes are sturdy, they apply makeup flawlessly and they can be used for both cream and powder products…not to mention the are rose gold! What more can we ask for? Find the brushes Here.

Have you tried this new style brush? What do you think?

  • lauragale94

    These do look scary haha! Would love to give them a go though xx

    Laura |

  • Oooh, these brushes are everywhere now and I’ve read good reviews on them. I think SpaceNK has some but very expensive so these ones are definitley more of a bargain. Would love to give them a try some time to see how it applies my foundation :)

    Ying |Y i n g c b e a u t y

    X x X x X

  • Claire Cavanagh

    I’ve been SO intrigued to read a review of these as they’ve been popping up everywhere lately! They sound amazing, and I definitely need to try them out.

    Claire |

  • Isabel O

    I’ve wanted to try these brushes before, I can’t figure out what the ‘official’ name is? I’ve heard some people call them Oval brushes and some people refer to them as Toothbrush makeup brushes lol. Either way they look super soft and I am very intrigued. x

  • I have seen oval brushes popping up quite a bit recently and I definitely want to get my hands on some! I’ve seen quite a few tutorials with them and it looks like it makes your foundation go on flawlessly – sign me up!

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective