Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So Hollywood

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So HollywoodAnastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So HollywoodAnastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So HollywoodAnastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So HollywoodAnastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator So Hollywood

I’ve recently gained an obsessions for highlighters. A while ago now i saw the ABH Instagram page announce the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator ‘s i was also watching Jaclyn Hill’s snapchat where i saw her swatch the Illuminator’s, as soon as i saw the colours on her snapchat i just knew there and then i had to get my hands on them! Theres a total of 4 shades each one is stunning, it was hard to choose just one, but eventually i decided on So Hollywood, a true golden shade which i thought would suit my skin tone best.

This stunning highlighter comes packaged in a really sturdy black, round compact complete with large mirror and really beautiful, embossed art deco style design. The products is super pigmented so not a lot is needed to create a beautiful glow, although this highlighter isn’t the cheapest on the market at £28 ($28 in the USA) however a little does go a long way with having great pigmentation like this, it will last such a long time!

If you fancy getting your hands on one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator ‘s you can get it from the UK here.

Let me know in the comments which your favourite shade is?

  • Jodie Vernon

    The embossing is just gorgeous, I keep seeing this everywhere and it’s making it hard for me to resist!

    Jodie, xo

  • Georgina

    Ooh I bought this a few weeks ago in ‘Starlight’ as I have super pale skin. I’ve only used it a couple of times but loving it so far and I agree that I think it will last ages! x


  • Beauty & The Boy(Andrew James)

    That embossing… to die for! haha i love the colour as well i think sometimes highlighters can be a bit too white and it just looks blegh

  • Megan Biggin

    I love this highlighter, the gold shade is so intense but so beautiful! A little really does go a long way, I can see this product lasting me a very long time. x

  • Heidi

    This is beautiful, I’ll have to check it out!

  • Katya Van Bick

    I’ve heard so much about the ABH highlighters! It looks gorgeous!

    Katya |

  • lauragale94

    So beautiful! I just can’t justify spending that much though haha. I love the Revolution and MUA highlighters and they’re both under a fiver!xx

    Laura |

  • Kelly

    I really like the shade and I’ve been wanting to try the brush as well. It seems like it’s an amazing product and I really like ABH products so I might get this soon.

    Kelly //

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    That is so pretty!

    Sophie x

  • White Shirt Chic

    This product looks beautiful! Need to save up some wages and get this! x