Halloween Pop Art Makeup Look

Halloween Pop Art Makeup Look Halloween Pop Art Makeup Look

Today i uploaded the first of my halloween videos, i have a couple planned so hopefully they go down ok and all turn out well. I decided to do my take on a Halloween Pop Art Makeup Look as well this will probably sound absolutely crazy but i was watching a friends episode where Phoebe was wearing a comic book style shirt and i thought it would be a really fun, quite simple makeup look to film and wear for halloween!

Obviously you can use this video as inspiration or just do as i did, but if you wanted something fun and original this halloween then maybe pop art is the way to go!  As always don’t forget to give the video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to see more videos! and last but not least, if you have any video requests id love to know :)

  • Abbi Chalk

    Wow, this look is incredible Chelsea! Love it!

  • Georgia

    This is so cool! xx

  • Katherine Rosie

    Absolutely love this! Never thought about doing something like this :D xx

  • Lovelaughslipstick

    Ah this is such a good idea!! I’ve never considered this for Halloween… but there are so many potential looks! You’ve inspired me