Life With A Chronic Illness – Migraines.

It’s no secret that i am a long term sufferer of migraines. I’ve had them since being 12/13 years old, I’m now 23 so that’s 10 years of living with migraines… I have been quite open about them on here and in everyday life and while Chronic Illnesses come in many different shapes and forms, some alot worse than others, many have the same affect on our day to day life so i thought i would make a blogpost all about Life With A Chronic Illness, specially migraines as they can, like many other chronic illnesses be very disabling. Plus everyone loves a gif post right? So heres what i feel life is like as a migraine sufferer with some of the things people do/say… Hope you guys enjoy :)

1. The increased annoyance each time someone tells you ” I understand.” or ” Just drink some water you’ll be fine!”

Life With A Chronic Illness - Migraines.

2. The desire to hurt someone when they say ” I think I’ve had a migraine before” Trust me you would of known…

Life With A Chronic Illness - Migraines.

3. Those people who say ” You just need something to distract you from the pain” – Light sensitivity, aura, aching body, feeling sick, dizzy and oh yeah and this huge pain which feels like my head could fall off my shoulders but no obviously you who has never had one knows whats best.


4. Basically anyone trying to innocently suggest anything helpful is not OK right now. (you know they are only trying to help, but lets face it…you are just a monster version of yourself)


5. The whole bunch of side effects that come with all the medications you are taking  – gaining weight, things tasting funny, it’s never fun but its a whole lot better than the migraines and totally worth it if they can control your migraines even just slightly!

Life With A Chronic Illness - Migraines

6. When you have to suddenly leave because you feel one coming and people say “But you don’t look sick?”


7. Regardless of what’s on your to do list/schedule for that day, no matter how important, you get knocked out for many many hours! So don’t count on any of it getting finished!


8. Having to miss out on all the exciting things you plan to do because you just need to sit as quiet as possible in a dark, dark room.

Life With A Chronic Illness - Migraines.

9. Finally overcoming the migraine, but being left with a terrible migraine hangover for days!

Life With A Chronic Illness - Migraines.

10.  Always having it in the back of your mind that at any point, of any day, no matter where you are or what you are doing… you could get a migraine!


  • I feel your pain lovely, I have since being 5 years old and both my girls are the same they have suffered from being 5 too, Cole is on daily medication as a preventer plus medication as and when she gets a migraine but myself and Lissy take as and when medication, I used to take daily medication but as I’ve got older mine do seem to have got better, I have 1 or 2 a month now but poor Cole gets 1 or 2 a week and is as sick as a dog too, they are vile and people who don’t have migraine don’t understand. Sending you huge hugs from a fellow sufferer <3 xxxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    • Thanks Zoe! Wouldn’t wish them on anyone they are so awful! I’m on daily medication too, and like cole have them weekly but the medications have helped a little but even the side effects from the medications are awful still miles better than the migraines though ! Hopefully as we all get older they will go away or hopefully someone will invent some miracle cure :) xxxxxx

  • Laura Anne Farnworth

    Great post – sums it up, just when you go a few weeks and forget and make some plans BOOM there it comes. And Ive gained 2 stones on meds and fantas not the same. Only had mine 3 years, you made my night, made me feel Im not alone in this : )

  • The Little Blog of Beauty

    I started suffering with migraines from the age of 12 and had one a year for around 5 years before they then disappeared completely. I then didn’t have one for around 16 years until I got one just before last Christmas. I have no idea what triggered it (unless it was sitting in a friends freezing cold house for a few hours) but I’m hoping they haven’t actually returned.

    The thing that annoys me the most is people that complain about migraines when it’s obvious it’s nothing more than a headache. A girl I used to work with used to sit in front of her computer screen at work complaining she had a migraine at least once a week. A migraine for me is not being able to do anything apart from sleep in a pitch black room and probably throwing up at least once. Sitting in front of a computer working and talking to your colleagues is not a migraine x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  • Tania Jayne

    Today I saw a comment on a friends Facebook status. She commented that she felt a migraine coming on. The response she got from one woman made me so angry. “Don’t worry… Headaches will be a thing of the past sooner or later.” This made me mad for 2 (main) reasons. 1. Migraines are much more than headaches. 2. My pain started when I was 11 & has never gone, the intensity has just fluctuated. It’ll just go will it!?! I’ve 18 years & one of the top neurologists in the world who would say otherwise!

    People don’t fully understand just how much can be involved in a migraine, including Drs. I loose consciousness with mine & it can look like a seizure. The number of times people argue with me & tell me I must have epilepsy or assume that’s what I have is crazy! Xx

    Tania |