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Blonde ombre


Blonde Ombre


Blonde Ombre


I feel like it’s been ages since i have just picked a couple of pictures and just written about something which has been on my mind lately, whether that be a place I’ve been to eat, a place I’ve visited or like today something which I’m thinking of doing. So today i thought i would share with you some hair inspiration!

I’ve been toying with the idea of ombre hair for so long now, i actually went for it a couple of months back at a really well known hairdressers (i know I’m trying to do it back to front which is harder to achieve but) lets just say it turned out completely not how ombre hair should look my hair was basically all brown and in the end i gave up and ended up highlighting my hair back to how i originally had it. I still can’t seem to shake the idea of having darker roots, my hair is naturally pretty dark anyway so i do end up with pretty noticeable roots, i think i just need them faded in and make them look much more natural and rather than the grown out blonde which it currently is.

To be honest i am probably a hairdressers worst nightmare as i am rather picky and hard work but I’m allowed to be when it comes to my hair right? I actually get pretty scared when heading to the hairdressers for a change or a cut, I have so many ideas in my head of how i want my hair to turn out and it never seems to end up looking how i want it, although my last hairdressers visit was the best one i have been to in a long while, so hopefully when i finally decide to go for my ombre hair again it will turn out perfect!

Are you still loving the ombre trend?  Or are you liking the new bronde trend?

  • They’re so pretty, I’m naturally blonde & I had darker roots for a good 6 months and after a while I just started to feel a bit dull & not as fresh as highlights look, I think it’s a season thing I always want to go lighter in the summer but I do love these pictures.. why can’t we just choose a different hair colour every day?!?!

    Lily xx

    • Thats true, summer does always make us want to go that bit lighter! & yes a different hair colour by the click of our fingers would be great!! x

  • i love these but i like to make my ombre funky colors haha, blonde doesn’t really suit me!

  • Beauty Bird

    The third one is my favourite! I would love my hair like this! xx

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