I feel like i have lost my confidence when it comes to my blog.

I love my blog just as much now if not more than when i started it but i feel like i question myself more and put a lot more pressure on myself now than i did 3 years ago, more people are making this a full time job and i seem to find myself thinking i’m just not good enough anymore. Why would someone read my blog when there are all those full time bloggers out there? I constantly find myself thinking ‘are those pictures good enough? have i written that review in-dept enough?’ ‘am i offending anyone’ i don’t seem to and can’t seem to just let loose with my writing like i used to, looking back on my earlier posts i was much more care free with my writing and i need to get that back!


I used to spend so long taking photo’s of outfits I’m loving on my driveway just me and my tripod even Skippy! (with the odd passerby and maybe the postman thinking I’m kinda crazy or just really vain) but now those kind of photos seemed to be a thing of the past, hence why this year i haven’t had a fashion post on my blog yet. Sometimes its impossible to get someone to take outfit photo’s for you, you can only ask certain people, people work so conflicting schedules are really annoying and living in the UK the weather is also a big set back… is anyone else wondering where the heck our summer is? I would also love to include many more lifestyle posts on here but the fact is i’m a pretty boring and real person, i don’t go on lots of weekends away or to fancy restaurants, eating out a lot. For me those are few and far between, and the ones i do go on i do what most people do, forget to charge the camera or leave the camera at home (I’m human, which is also really annoying) I’m starting to think sod it when i next do something i may just start taking pictures of anything and everything and see if i can make something of a lifestyle post, even if those pictures are taken with my iPhone!


I guess what i’m saying is i’m going to try and forget all the negative thoughts i keep having, the ‘oh my outfit pictures won’t be good enough taken with a tripod’ the ‘my review isn’t long enough’ and the ‘everything must have a white background to look pretty’ I’m going to stop comparing myself to others, stop thinking things should be done a certain way because they shouldn’t … I’m just going to do me and just get back to talking and showing you guys everything i am loving, even if its a photo using my tripod on my driveway because lets face it.. thats what i started my blog for, to share my love of all things beauty, fashion and in everyday life! Hopefully i can get my blogging confidence back!

  • Natalie Johnson

    I feel like this alot with my blog – there are so many amazing blogs out there that i feel like mine is so inadequate. Like you, i don’t always do alot and i rarely have weekends away and when i do i completely forget i wanted to take photos until its too late.

    Your blog is great, it’s still a firm favourite of mine and i always look forward to reading your posts even if i don’t always comment on them!

    Also, Id love to know where our summer is??
    Natalie xx

    • Thanks so much Natalie i love yours too! It’s something which just gets on top of you but I’m not doing it anymore sod it we will post whatever pictures we manage to take! (thats if we don’t forget altogether) xx

  • Stephanie Hartley

    I hope you can too! As a relatively new blogger I feel like nothing I do is good enough – you need to inject so much time and money to make it good at first and I feel like I just haven;t been able to

    Steph –

    • It’s hard to keep your confidence up but we can do it! x

  • Ana

    This is how a lot of bloggers have been feeling lately, lots have taken a break from it all as it just isn’t how it was when they first started blogging! Myself included.. I took 8 months out, reevaluated why I first started a blog and why I had lost the confidence and also the happiness of writing freely Kiel you said, I realised I did put too much pressure on myself and schedules to post etc.. I’ve given my blog a whole new make over and I’m back and a lot more excited about what I am posting! Sometimes you just need to step back and look at why you started it in the first place.. And like you said we have to put less pressure on ourselves and not compare! Your blog is amazing and you are a sweetheart, just blog for you and forget all the blogger rules made up by other bloggers.. I hope you get your confidence back!

    .. Ana xo

  • Nafisah Atcha

    I have felt like this a lot too but your blog is great! Keep it up!!!

    I am going to text you now because I have some ideas :) love you xxx

  • Catherine M

    I know exactly how you’re feeling. I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog for the past few months for these exact reasons, I work full time and the weather is rubbish so it is hard to find the time and place for good pictures! Hopefully summer arrives soon! P.s I think your blog and your photos are great!! x

  • Love this post! I always get stuck in a blogging confidence, but I read peoples comments and it make me feel happy about my blog again. I adore your blog and love reading each post, so keep doing what you’re doing :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  • Levinia Brady

    This! It is so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and to find yourself asking whether or not you need to change or whether what you are creating is good enough. I wanted to do more lifestyle posts too but i’m pretty boring too in the sense that more often than not i’m at home with a cuppa rather than partying or eating at fancy places. But hey, that is who I am and that is fine – there are plenty of things i love and that I am sure you love and thats what blogging is all about. If it means you don’t post as regularly who cares? What is important is that you genuinely love what you are creating and that you don’t simply feel pressured to create it. Losing that passion sucks.

    People will love you and what you create for you and for how you do it. Just keep doing what you do best because that is all that matters! Xx