Review | Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel

benefit, benefit puff off, benefit puff off eye gel, through chelsea's eyes, benefit skincare
benefit, benefit puff off, benefit puff off eye gel, through chelsea's eyes, benefit skincare
benefit, benefit puff off, benefit puff off eye gel, through chelsea's eyes, benefit skincare
benefit, benefit puff off, benefit puff off eye gel, through chelsea's eyes, benefit skincare
benefit, benefit puff off, benefit puff off eye gel, through chelsea's eyes, benefit skincare
Benefit Puff Off* | £22.50
I’m going to be completely honest, when it comes to skin care I’m perhaps a lot more care free than i probably should be. I always tend to miss out the steps in skin care which i find boring or which take a longish time, so it’s safe to say my skin care routine only contains the bare necessities!Benefit Say:“Puffies & creases look ‘satiny smooth’! This innovative under eye gel with custom ‘ironing’ tip instantly helps smooth the look of puffies & fine lines. Iron away for a smoother day!” 

Now onto my thoughts as usual Benefit doesn’t disappoint on packaging, its cute, gimmicky (as most benefit products are) and comes with a custom ironing tip, yes that is an iron shaped tip to ‘iron away’ any puffiness! The eye gel itself is designed to instantly de-puff and smooth out fine lines while cooling and soothing the under-eye area. The iron shaped tip isn’t just a novelty design factor, it does actually have a purpose, it’s angled and the perfect shape and size to get into the tricky eye area, also being metal it allows for a cooling application. The formula itself is more of a gel than a cream which instantly glides onto the skin, the colour has a peach undertone which works wonders for colour correcting those dark under eye circles, instantly making you look more awake! It’s really easy to apply all you need to do is squeeze the tube (not too hard) and dab/dot the gel along the under eyes, then simply use the custom ironing tip for ultimate under eye smoothing, Puff Off can be used on bare skin (which is how i like to use it) and as a top up over your make up during the day, its lightweight formula means you can re apply without fear of smudging or ruining your make up, just be sure to pat on instead of using the iron tip!The price may be a little steep for a 10ml tube of product, however you only need to the the smallest amount plus being a small tube it means it’s the perfect size to pop into your handbag for on the go use and for me i personally don’t mind spending that bit more on skincare which i find easy to use, as i said earlier i only like simple, quick and easy to use skincare products! One other downside i found to Benefit Puff Off was the fact i find myself trying to unscrew the pull lid (silly i know, but it happens every time!) Other than those two little downsides i absolutely love Benefit’s latest skincare offering, would i say its a makeup/skincare/beauty product essential? probably not… but it is something i have really enjoyed using in the mornings to wake up my under eyes! Benefit Puff Off retails at £22.50 and is available to buy now.

Have you tried Benefit’s Puff Off? What are your thoughts on it?  

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*PR Sample
  • Jasmine Harding

    I've been toying with picking this up a while now so is was a very helpful review, thank you! It sounds lovely

    Jasmine |

  • I'm in two minds about this product. A part of me wants to buy it, but the other knows I'll only use it once then forget about it. I'm also pretty bad with skincare though! I just get bored, I do the bare essentials then that's it!

  • Definitely not an essential but I am stil sure it will make it's way into my collection just cos it looks so pretty haha xx

  • Abi Pursey

    This is such a lovely review, I've been contemplating buying it for a while, but as you say it's quite pricey! Abi |

  • This is a tad pricey, but then prevention is better than cure with your eyes!

    Annabel ♥ Mascara & Maltesers

  • Natalie Collins

    I haven't even heard of it before- but definitely worth a try! I find the Garnier eye roll of superb though xo

  • I want this only for the iron thing. I do also like cool eyes in the morning but don't know if I like them enough to shell out for this xx

  • I haven't tried this and I've seen really mixed reviews on it so I'm not sure if I'm honest! I really want to give it a go, but I think I need some more convincing first! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  • The Jewel Beauty

    I just used it now :) I really like it and like you I'm a fan of simple products, especially when it comes to eye care!

    Great pictures lovely

    The Jewel Beauty || A friendly beauty & lifestyle blog ❤

  • Leannezoeee

    I was drawn to this because of the gimmick of the iron ,but after hearing mixed reviews I just can't justify spending the money on it!xx

  • Diana Cloudlet

    Oh, I Like your blog and your style of writing! Also I’d
    like to say that you have beautiful photos! Great job! I know that it requires
    so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)


  • Powder blushes are easy to blend and easy to use :D