Review | Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Curler

Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance hair Curler
Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance hair Curler
Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance hair Curler
Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance hair Curler
 Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Curler* | £29.99
I never thought i would prefer curling my hair to straightening it, for me i have always been a straight hair kinda girl but I have been enjoying curling my hair so much with my new Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Curler this curler creates the exact curl i have been longing for a natural looking, relaxed and bouncy curl.
The Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Curler uses new infra Radiance Technology, this makes it kinder on hair i think that’s possibly why i have been more keen to use it as much, i have always just assumed curling my hair = great hair damage so scared myself out of doing it unless it be for special occasions, but the Vidal Sassoon Curler’s gentle Infra Radiance technology along with a 25mm tourmaline ceramic barrel infuses heat into the hair more evenly helping to prevent hot spots and maintaining the natural moisture balance. It has a temperature control from 1-7 up to 180c meaning you can alter the amount of heat you use on your hair i tend to go for number 3/4 the only downside to this is with it being numbers it doesn’t actually tell you the temperature you are using. The 25mm tourmaline ceramic barrel not only creates the perfect natural looking curl, it helps reduce frizz and gives softer more radiant results! i also love how they light up red all along the barrel l that way you know they are switched on, it makes it so much easier to not forget to turn them off but in case that ever does happen (i know I’m a bugger for forgetting about my electricals) they come with a 60minute shut off function giving you peace of mind if you’re a little forgetful like me. The long 2.5m cord makes styling much easier, you no longer have to find the need for extension leads or move the mirror (we’ve all been there) this long wire should reach from across the room right to where you usually style your hair making it less of a chore!
I am now converted to curls! I absolutely love to curl my hair now knowing that the infra radiance technology is much kinder, the curls lasted all day and even stayed a nice loose wavy effect until the next time i washed it, all i did was spritz a little bit of hairspray once i completed all my curls and everything was good to go! – you can pick up the Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Curler up from Boots for £29.99 which is such a great price for an easy to use curler, which creates such fabulous curls!
Have you tried Vidal Sassoon? How do you curl your hair? 
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  • I love how you have complete control on the heat and it looks lovely, Now my hair is longer I definitely want to nab something like this, not bad price either xx

  • i actually never curl my hair but it looks like it worked really nicely on yours!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  • Gemma

    I want to try this mascara so much! I am waiting for my high street one to run out first haha x

  • I haven't tried this mascara but i've heard soo many great reviews about it that I feel an obligation to try it myself! Good to know it lives up to the hype! Holly x