Video | DIY Christmas Treats/Baking

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I have been working really hard on a little Christmasy video for you guys, although i have come to terms with the fact i will never ever be a baker! (it’s really hard) I give props to all you really good bakers out there as well this little Christmasy treats video has taught me that although i can bake, I’m probably not that good! But nethertheless i still really enjoy to give it ago – It’s fun either way!
So after that your probably thinking why on earth did you do a Christmasy baking video!!! – Well i didn’t anticipate it being so bloody hard, but after a couple of wrong attempts and dusting off the baking cobwebs… i got the hang of it and these treats are actually pretty easy to make! (even more easy if your a really good baker!) So yeah, i hope you enjoy my ‘a little bit different’ video – Do let me know which one is your favourite and if you attempt these at home don’t forget to instagram/tweet them and tag me in them i would love to look :)Youtube | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram

  • Ooh, these all look yummy and very festive! I might have a whirl at making the gingerbread men! What temperature do you need to pre-heat the oven to for the gingerbread men? :)

    Lauren x

    • If you do, you will have to let me know how it goes! – the oven temp is 180c/gas4 all the recipes are in the down bar of the video :) x