Video | Autumn/Winter Lookbook


Hi Guys, so i know this is probably a tad late but i didn’t want to just discard this video.. it’s taken me a real long time to get someone with the same time schedule as me to help me film it & then there’s the editing so that’s why its only going up now (I hope you don’t mind) – it’s a simple Autumn/Winter lookbook with 3 casual & affordable outfits! – Let me know which one is your favourite? I think i love the burgundy skirt I’ve worn it sooooo much!
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Lots of love <3
  • So glad you didn't discard this!!!!!!!!! The scenery is beautiful and the clothes are gorgeous too!

    I think the first outfit is my favourite, the skirt is such a lovely colour and looks so great with the scarf.

    Chloe x

  • Georgia Megan

    Ohmygosh the background is gorgeous, the clothes are gorgeous, YOU are gorgeous! Never ever ever delete this! So perfect!

  • Gorgeous! I love your video :) <3
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog