Video | October Favourites

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Hi guys,

So i haven’t filmed or shared my favourites since June, so i thought it was about time i did.. A lot of my favourites this month come from Rimmel, i have just been loving their products lately! So yeah come and have a little look what what i have been loving throughout October! & Don’t forget to give the video a big thumbs up and subscribe while your there :) 
Lots of love <3 

  • I enjoyed watching your YouTube video "October Favourites 2014 | Through Chelsea's Eyes". The cosmetics look excellent and I really love the burgundy skirt at 4:33 of the video. It's pretty, looks very swingy and was a great buy! I'll have to remember to try KitKats for treats next Halloween – I usually end up eating the candy myself. Your bedroom in the background of the video looks very neat and pretty and I love the colour scheme. :)