Video | £20 Outfit Challenge

£20 outfit challenge, outfit under £20, primark, fashion, primark ootd, through chelsea's eyes,
£20 outfit challenge, outfit under £20, primark, fashion, primark ootd, through chelsea's eyes,
( Dress: Primark, Sandals: Primark, Sunglasses: Primark, Daisy Hair Tie: Primark) 
Over the weekend i thought i would attempt the £20 outfit challenge, i must admit it was harder than i  first thought. The only shop i seemed to find which had something i could opt for was good ol Primark! Now i know there must be other shops which would help me out in the being cheap department but i just couldn’t think or find them! So if you have any cheap stores you like to shop in then please do let me know i think its amazing that we can get an outfit for £20 and under!
My outfit came in at £19.50, so just under £20! Which i think is amazing! I will be attempting this challenge again as i did find it really fun + i would love to try find an outfit from some where other than all Primark! What do you think? BTW don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel :)
  • Julia in Disguise

    Ahh this is such a pretty outfit! Can't believe you got it all for under £20! amazing x

    • I know right? gotta love an outfit for under £20! x

  • Yazzys Corner

    I love Primark myself and this is a great outfit :) I really like the idea of doing an outfit video too! It looks like you had fun! :D

    Yazmin xx

    • Thankyou :) glad you enjoyed it xx

  • EmilyGrace

    Love this outfit! I really want to try this challenge!


    • give it ago! i would love to see x

  • Laura

    You look so nice in this dress!

  • Nicola Bishop

    Such a pretty outfit :)

  • Panty Buns

    Cute dress! I watched the video on YouTube before watching it again here. I love the pretty and colourful print of your Primark dress and the way it moves in the breeze. It looks like a good quality outfit piece in addition to looking lovely and at a very reasonable price. As a side note seeing that size railroad tracks is a bit nostalgic. I got a ride on a small choo choo train that rode on that size tracks while visiting a farm when I was young.