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12 April 2014

patterned trousers, spring outfit, spring 2014 outfit, spring fashion, through chelsea's eyes,
patterned trousers, spring outfit, spring 2014 outfit, spring fashion, through chelsea's eyes,
patterned trousers, spring outfit, spring 2014 outfit, spring fashion, through chelsea's eyes,
(Top: Primark, Trousers: Topshop, Necklace: Primark, Sandals: Priamrk, Bag: Priamrk)

Spring is probably my favourite time of year, all the clothes are just so pretty and i love the fact summer is coming, it makes me feel all happy inside. Plus the sun just makes everyone seem jollier and in a happier mood, don't you agree? Nothing better than a world full of jolly people. 

Back to the outfit, these trousers are going to be an all time favourite of mine through spring and summer, they are so comfy and floaty they are just the most perfect trousers for a sunny day, not mentioning the pattern is just amazing. I paired them with a kind of crochet coral top which i picked up from Primark., Primark is on point this month! 

Are you a fan of patterned trousers?

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  1. trousers are lovely, a perfect spring outfit!!



  2. You are so pretty! Love your hair :) Such a lovely outfit as well x


  3. Such a gorgeous outfit, has a real Boho feel to it! I love patterend trousers but wearing a pair scares me so much haha! U pull them off so well tho :) xxx


  4. love your trousers! :)

  5. To be honest - THAT complete outfit is soooooo cute and playful - I swear that I would wear such combinations in the spring and summertime as well! - Really light fresh and girly - Thumbs up!:)

    Have a lovely weekend and a great time!

    NIKA Bittner

  6. This is such a lovely outfit! Absolutely gorgeous
    Come check out my blog :) emilyviennabeauty xx

  7. I looove patterned trousers. Those are really pretty and perfect for Spring! I'm also pretty sure I have the same top as you but in white haha!

  8. Lovely outfit! I know what you mean about the sun coming out, makes everyone so much happier. Primark are definitely on a roll at the moment.... xx

  9. I love your outfit :))


  10. Perfect springtime outfit! I've been loving Primark recently, not seen this crochet top though. It's really lovely! You look great.

  11. You're such a pretty like thing miss! As always of course. I am so happy the sun is making appearance on a more regular basis now! xx

  12. Love the trousers!! Wish I could pull off patterned trousers, but they always look like pjs on me :/

    Cat at OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  13. I love the whole outfit but I'm in love with those trousers.


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