Benefit Gimme Brow Review #BrowArchMarch

Benefit Gimme Brow Review
Benefit Gimme Brow Review
Benefit Gimme Brow Review
Benefit Gimme Brow Review
Benefit Gimme Brow Review
This time last year was the time i started to do something with my eyebrows. Yes I am now 21 and at 20 i only just started to realise the difference filling in my eyebrows made. Crazy huh? My favourite product to date had got to be Benefits BrowZings, that was until i was introduced to their latest offering, Gimme Brow.
Gimme Brow comes in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, i like to use Light/ Medium and it is totally different to any brow product i have ever used before. It is a fibre-gel formula which helps it look more natural looking than using pencil and powders, the tiny, narrow brush makes it super easy to use and control, It’s like a two in one adding colour while taming those brows! Even if you have near on invisible brows you will notice a remarkable difference, the gel adheres to the tiniest of hairs, adds length, volume and colour! = Perfect Brows! All you need to do is brush through your brows with the brush, it adds colour and volume as you go along and your finished! It takes literally 1 minute, it may only come in two shades but the colours are very universal plus the colours buildable which helps create a colour to suit most people. It does take a minute or two for the gel to dry but that is understandable, and once it’s dry it isn’t going anywhere! The staying power of Gimme Brow is amazing, I had the swatches on my arm for well over 24 hours (and i scrubbed and scrubbed my arm)
Overall i would totally recommend Gimme Brow, i have been using it every single day since receiving it, and i just love how it makes my eyebrows look, they look natural yet all filled in and full of colour. Plus it will be perfect for beginners, or those of you who struggle with brows like me. Also during the month of March, Benefit and Debenhams have teamed up in support of ‘Look Good Feel Better’ in their #BrowArchMarch campaign which you can help support easily by:

  • Signing up to
  • Book your complimentary Bene-Brow appointment at your nearest Debenhams Brow Bar
  • Donating to Look Good Feel Better The suggested amount is £5.00 although it is a good cause so if your feeling generous you can pay full amount for your brows!
What do you think of Gimme Brow?

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  • daisy walters

    I'm thinking about trying this. I'm JUST running out of my BrowZings so I need something new!!


  • beautybyalicee

    I love this too, it is amazing stuff!

    alice xxx

  • Zoey Daisy Gin

    ah i keep seeing so many good reviews of this! think i need to buy it x

  • Emma Rose

    Hmm I haven't tried this product but I have heard so many great reviews about it!

  • Natacia Perryman

    I did a review on the gimmie brow a few weeks back and even though I'm a die hard fan I always read others bloggers posts about it just to see if they agree lol
    This is a great post, I should have reviewed both colors instead of just my own eye brow shade. It's cool to see the contrast between them. Good idea!!

  • Jessica Edmunds

    I haven't tried this yet as I was a little worried how it was going to work out for me, even after watching the QVC runs etc, but I think I may have to dabble with it xx

  • Leanne Marie

    I should get something like this to set my brows really! I know some people swear by clear mascara but it would be nice to use something with a bit of added colour!


  • Kim Radley

    Im definitely going to get my hands on this asap! Getting fed up of pencil making my brows look ridiculously dark.
    Kim xo

  • Emma Palfrey

    I nearly bought this yesterday and after reading your review wish I had
    Emma x