My New Bag | The Michael Kors Selma Bag

Michael Kors, Michael Kors Selma Bag, through chelsea's eyes,
Michael Kors, Michael Kors Selma Bag, through chelsea's eyes,
For Valentines day this year Adam turned out to be rather extra generous! – we usually only exchange cards and maybe the odd funny joke gift if we see one, I’m not too sure why we must just love jokey gifts! But this year he went and out did me big time! He showed up on my doorstep a few days late ill add but he had a pretty good excuse, and that was long forgotten once he whipped out this baby… It’s the Michael Kors Selma Bag.
He got it me in black, which i just love black is just classic and matches absolutely everything so this bag will be lasting me a very long time and well its just the perfect size for a handbag, not too small that you can’t fit in essentials and not too big that you can keep putting thing after thing inside without ever feeling the need to have a bag clear out until your arm is literally dropping of when you carry it. Yes you know your guilty of doing that! It comes with an over the shoulder strap which i use a lot, i thought with it being quite a largish bag i would prefer to use it in the crook of my arm but no, i do use it a lot over my shoulder too!

So yeah that is my new bag, i have filmed an updated what’s in my bag to so you can also peek inside Mikey, if you like of course, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for that (I’m such a tease!) ! – Adam you did good! <3Youtube | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram

  • I literally tweeted yesterday about how much I want this bag!!! Lucky lady! It's so simple yet classic X

    Life of a Trainee Journalist

  • I went in and saw this bag in person and oh my god its gorgeous! x

  • Hi Mikey *SOBS* … I am so stupidly jealous! Amazingly you're the second blogger I've seen this week whose boyfriend has bought them the Selma! You've got a good guy there, so amazing – especially if it was a surprise! x

  • I loveee my selma bag! Good choice, he done well haha :)

  • love this bag! Lucky girl :)

  • Wow! What a lucky girl!
    He definitely did do good. Very jealous :) I think black was definitely a good decision. It is just so timeless and goes with everything like you said and a bag costing that much I'm sure you'll want to make the most of it (and he probably will too)

  • wow, that's such a nice bag! he did good!

  • thats such an amazing present, very jealous!

    alex // Cats and Vodka

  • such a beautiful bag! xo

  • Mel Davies

    I think you've found yourself a keeper – what an amazing present! It's absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see the video!

  • Hello Mikey, you look gorgeous! :D

  • Oh wow this is gorgeous! I am so jealous, lucky girl xxx

  • The bag is amazing and it's a great surprise :)) You are so lucky! ^^

  • Beauty!