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Hello Everyone,

First of all i hate doing this as i shouldn’t need to but let me just apologise for being a little poopy on the blogging/youtube front.. my camera had to be sent in for repair so that has completely thrown me of my super cool January blogging spree. Hopefully this has been put to a stop now. 
So i know its a few days in to February but here’s my January favourites video.. i have loved so many new products during january and i would love to know what products you have been loving too so please do let me know in the comments! 
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  • Lovely post! I really want the Naked 3 palette!

  • .

    a great selection of products doll! really think its time i try the naked platte!


  • I am desperate to get my hands in the naked 3 palette, it's everywhere and the rose gold shades seem right up my street. Really enjoying your videos they are so easy to watch and your accent is class!


  • Nicola Robinson

    Im praying my boyfriends got me naked 3 for valentines day :)

  • Aw, Chelsea, I watched this afternoon when I was getting ready for uni. Your little videos with your northern accent always make me smile! Need more of us Northerners about on the internet.
    I love the sound of the L'oreal mascara, now I'm back from uni and I've had my tea, I'm going on an online Boots rampage. You are bad for my bank balance Mrs!
    I hope you're ok?
    Laura xxxx

  • I really need to get the Naked 3! It's so gorgeous.

  • first time on this blog, you have an adorable blog, and really great you tube channel! I will def be coming back for more!
    No 3 Rule fo a Lady and why receiving compliments is uncomfortable