Video || My Ugg Boot Collection

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I must admit i think I’m getting very organised with my youtube channel! (little happy dance) I love it when i get into the swing of something and i feel like my youtube channel is something which i am doing really well with at the minute! :) So todays video is a little bit of the hoarder in me coming to light.. i love Ugg Boots and well i own quite the collection, so i thought it was about time i shared them with you! Over the years they just seem to have built up and i just keep buying and receiving more for christmas and birthdays so i don’t think my collection will be ending any time soon! 
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  • JEALOUS. All I want is uggs, nobody will buy them for me and I defo don't have the money to!! :(
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    • I saved up for mine :) & kept adding them on birthday & christmas wish lists! I'm sure you'll get a pair soon xxx

  • Thanks Amy! If you buy a pair be warned you'll end up like me :) xx