Review || Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit

Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit, Brow kit, perfect brows, review, through chelsea's eyes,

Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit, Brow kit, perfect brows, review, through chelsea's eyes,
Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit, Brow kit, perfect brows, review, through chelsea's eyes,

Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit, Brow kit, perfect brows, review, through chelsea's eyes,

I’ve never actually heard of Chelsea Beautique before, but how could i turn down the opportunity to try a new, upcoming brand and a product which brand shares my name! & has it printed all over it? It’s not so often that happens to us. It made me really excited! 

Eyebrow shape seems to be on everyones mind these days, Cara Delevingne I’m kinda blaming you for the whole eyebrow craze! For me, I love finding a new eyebrow product which helps make my eyebrows look defined yet not false looking, I’m not one for an overly strong, in your face brow. I always prefer powder eyebrow products over an eyebrow pencil, as well i think powder products give you more control and freedom when it comes to creating a strong but not overly drawn on brow, i always find when using a pencil eyebrows have a habit of very quickly becoming false looking – which isn’t good!

As you can see the Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit contains everything you need to create your perfect brows! – Powder, tweezers, a double-ended brush and even 6 different stencils to help get your desired brow shape, along with a cute little velvet case to keep everything in! (this is great for travel) The stencils would be great for people who’s brows have no real shape to them, or for people who are trying to find their ideal brow shape, for me i am quite happy with my eyebrows so i don’t really use the stencils all i do is add a little more definition to my brows using the powder, and let me tell you the powder is just great, I went for the colour natural as i said i don’t like over powerful brows, so i thought the colour natural would best suit me and it does! The powder is described as waterproof, smudge proof and is said to be semi-permanent which i completely agree with, once i have finished my eyebrows using the Chelsea Beautique Brow Kit they are not budging until i remove my make up later on. It really is one of the best brow kits i have used.

At £35 it is on the slightly more expensive side for a brow kit although for the quality it can be justified, the powder is just amazing and you get a large amount which will last you a long while, I have used mine nearly everyday since i have received it! plus the tweezers are some of the best i have used (and they have my name on, no-ones steeling those from me!) Although if you find the kit too expensive or you only want certain parts of it you could always buy the products such as the powder or tweezers separately. 
What do you use for you eyebrows?

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  • I've never heard of this brand either but I'm a big fan of brow kits so very intrigued by this. Do they do different colour kits? A taupe colour is great for fair hair but it would need to be a lot darker for dark hair. I've used a brow trio by The Makeup Store for a long time now because I loooove it and I just apply with an angled brush then comb the hairs through and sometime use brow gel if they're being unruly. I'm contemplating changing up my product when it runs out this time though..we'll see!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  • there are too many good brow products out at the minute! I want to try benefit browzings but I'm in love with my soap and glory eyebrow tint..

    Love the look of this, it's so cute how it's got your name on it by chance :)

    alex // Cats and Vodka