What I Wore || Bold Printed Playsuit

playsuit, bold print, floral, topshop, fashion blog, through chelsea's eyes,


bold print, fashion blog, floral, playsuit, through chelsea's eyes, topshop,


playsuit, bold print, floral, topshop, fashion blog, through chelsea's eyes,


playsuit, bold print, floral, topshop, fashion blog, through chelsea's eyes,
Playsuit // Topshop
Wedge heels // Topshop
Watch // Michael kors

Hey everyone,

I love playsuits, by now you probably all know that. That’s why when i spotted this amazing bold printed playsuit in Topshop, i couldn’t just ignore it. The bold print and colours make this playsuit almost tropical, it certainly is one to pack in your wardrobe for summer! The yellow and the pink work perfectly together, making this such a stand out piece, The material is also super comfortable and nice, plus the shorts are kinda made to look like a skirt, i just love everything about it! Although it is a little on the pricey side at £65 but for how good quality the material feels, and how much wear i will get out of this playsuit, i think i will get my moneys worth!
Do you love bold printed playsuits?


  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    Ah you lucky bean Chelsea – I've been eyeing this very playsuit up for the last few days and I'm even more tempted to buy it after seeing you look so fabulous in it. What a gorgeous fit!


  • Nicole Sage

    wow this playsuit is gorgeous!! I have not seen this in the store but i hope mine get it in! xx

  • Sophie Carter

    You look stunning!!! :) I love the playsuit. xx

  • daisy walters

    Thats so unusual but absolutely gorgeous, you look beautiful! daisydaisyxxo

  • ChanTell E.

    Very pretty!

  • Love From Simmie

    Beautiful colours! You look lovely :)


  • Sammie Earth

    Ahhh I love this bold print, look lovely especially for summer!

  • Ying

    This is not something that i usually go for as i'm not a bold print kind of girl and i like to stick to my bold colours really. However, this playsuit is just lovely and it looks amazing on you :) Perfect for spring and summer! Topshop always do amazing clothing, i always end up finding something i like in their stores.

    Thank you for sharing~ You look stunning. Have a nice day! ^^

    Ying ♥ ||*- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  • Yuen Lim

    The playsuit is stunning! Not really the combination of colours I'd go for, but it looks great on you!


  • iheartwwe

    Wouldn't normally be something I'd go for but it looks really lovely on you :)

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    You look so cute, playsuits are just amazing and even though it's a casual style it still looks stylish and put together :o) Xx

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  • Caroline

    that playsuit is amazing! i love the color combination – really suits you :) xx

  • Rebekah Fenwick

    I love this playsuit! So pretty, the colours are gorgeous.

  • Emily Osborne

    Wow this is gorgeous! Suits you perfectly! xx

  • Sophia Meola;

    Ahh that is such a cute playsuit! I think the pink, yellow and grey print work really well together.

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • Kalina Eneva

    Gorgeous dress! :))

  • lolainthelounge

    That play suit is so cute!

  • Nicola Maria

    I love this playsuit! and you have styled it beautifully!