Video || What’s In My Make up Bag


First of all seeing as this is my first blog/video since Christmas i would like to say hope everyone had a fab Christmas!! – I am just totally lost with the days and well Christmas is making me lazy! Does this happen to anyone else ? please say yes!
Just a quick video of whats in my make up bag, i love videos like these as well .. I’m a nosey parker! not much more to say really i love having a nosey and a peek inside other peoples make up bags see if theres anything i would like to try or if they use things which i use – i find it all very interesting! 
So Enjoy <3 
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  • I say yes!!! Christmas does make me SO lazy, and since there is chocolate for days I eat it and get even lazier. UGH. I'm glad I've found someone else feels the same way.

    Loved the video, mine is big too so I tend to put a lot of stuff in it, sometimes way more than I need ;)
    I'm still subscribed, glad you're back from your little video hiatus. I'm actually in the same position, haven't posted since before Christmas!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  • I absolutely adore these types of videos, great post!