Outfit || All outfits of 2013

Hello everyone,
Happy New Years Eve!
This year on my blog i ventured into the outfit side a lot more, and i really enjoyed it! I think fashion blogging can be quite that bit harder as well it’s you, lets say modelling clothes! i have spent endless hours in my garden with passers by probably wondering what the hell i am doing, but i just smile and we both get on with our day (although i am waiting for the day one of them stops and asks the question!) Enough rambling, i thought seeing as i posted quite a few outfits this year it would be fun to take a trip back an recap them, so here they are starting from the very first one of 2013!
I do love watching the weather and fashions change in them, from pants and tights to bare legs and summer colours then it all starts again! i find it fascinating!
Have you made your new years resolution yet? I have made two blogging ones so far:
1. Be more organised with my blog
2. Improve my Youtube Channel
I’d love to know yours :) & see you in 2014 <3



  • Some cute outfits, I think the disco pants and red shirt in the second row is my favourite. Need to get me some disco pants but think I'm too old for them! Hahah

  • Loving all of these outfits! :) You've got great taste :)


  • Ahh I need to get myself a pair of disco pants as well! They look amazing on you x


    • Like me, you've worn your disco pants A LOT. I love them!!

      I also love the little rabbit in your yellow dress outfit! <3 xx

  • Love these outfits! Such beautiful pictures and dress sense! Have a great new year!

  • Great looks and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in 2014 :o). Have an amazing time tonight and all the best for the new year :o).

  • Love that mint dress on the 5th row! Too cute

    happy new year x

  • love your outfits. you have great style! X

  • fatshionandthings.com

    Amazing post. Some stunning stunning outfits in there! I love the tiffany blue dress with the birds *i think theyre birds* haha. Good on you for just taking pictures in your front garden! You're beautiful!!

  • Mel Davies

    looking at your summer outfits have made me so excited for the sun to come back out! hurry up spring!