Christmas Advent Calendar || Benefit Countdown To Love

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benefit, benefit countdown to love, benefit christmas advent calendar, advent calendar, through chelsea's eyes, christmas,

Happy December Everyone,

I thought i would introduce you to my advent calendar (does that sound half normal?) with all the beauty advent calendars flying around this year it was quite hard to decide which one to go for, last year i had the Ciaté Nails one which i loved but i thought this year i would try to find a different one, and that’s when i heard about the benefit advent calendar, now i couldn’t actually believe how crazy it was to actually get your hands on this calendar, the website ones sold out within seconds i heard… i landed really lucky and rang my local benefit counter the morning they was released and asked if any of the people on their list didn’t turn up then would they put my name down on a backup list, thinking that obviously everyone is going to turn up for their advent calendar i was on google searching which other beauty calendars i could have this Christmas when i got a phone call a day or two later asking did i still want one because one was available for me.. i was like heck yeah! – part of me did think someone was playing a cruel joke on me but no i went and there was my calendar, EEEK!
So enough of my rambling on, i thought i would just do a quick post to show you which beauty calendar i have this year and if you would like to keep up to date of whats inside make sure to be following me on Instagram (@chelseayates1) as that’s where i will be posting my Christmas calendar updates!
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  • We can follow each other,

    let me know,

    greetings from Slovenia :)

  • It's so cute! I refrained from buying a beauty one this year.. maybe next year though!

  • This is the best advent calendar I've seen this year, it was sold out when I had been paid though :(

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  • I'm so jealous of this! How much was it?? Rachel x

  • RedRoom

    The only non-chocolate advent calender I''ve seen out there is one made by The Body Shop. I wasn't too crazy about how big and heavy it was. This one looks like it would be a lot more fun.

  • I'm so jealous it looks gorgeous! I also wanted the freedom at topshop one, love a good alternative! Xx

  • oh i wish i bought this

  • I would LOVE to get a beauty advent calendar, but they are non-existent in my country. :(

  • Youre so lucky you got one i never even got my hands on one!! :O

  • The Benefit advent calendar looks INCREDIBLE, very jealous!

    Sophierosehearts x