Review || Lush Lip Scrub Bubblegum


lush, lush lip scrub, lip scrub, lush lip scrub bubblegum, handmade cosmetics, review, through chelsea's eyes,
lush, lush lip scrub, lip scrub, lush lip scrub bubblegum, handmade cosmetics, review, through chelsea's eyes,


lush, lush lip scrub, lip scrub, lush lip scrub bubblegum, handmade cosmetics, review, through chelsea's eyes,
Lip Scrub – £5.50
Hello Everyone,
Lush is one of those places which has always been very hit and miss for me, although recently the last two products which i have purchased from there i have really enjoyed! one being the one i am talking about today, and the other being the Marilyn hair treatment. – as i always say the shop just fascinates me, It’s like I’ve entered Willy Wonkers factory – i just must touch everything! That not ending very well for the poor melting Christmas snow man which ended up taking a tumble to the floor. Whoops. Now i know why they tell you not to touch.
Ramblings aside, This pot of sugar smells and taste delicious – it’s like a sweet pot of sugary bubblegum & candy floss! So what actually is it i hear you asking, i know it had me wondering for quite a while before i went and actually bought it basically all this is: some sugar, oil, flavourings and colourings. Not all that fancy for £5.50 right? but would i go out and think to make a sugar scrub for my lips. No.
It’s actually a pretty nifty idea, the idea behind it is that you put some on your finger and rub the sugary scrub onto your lips while it helps to remove all the dry bits, leaving you with nice, smooth, softer lips  you then can just lick away the rest of the tasty sugar bits, it also makes the perfect base to apply your favourite lip balm or lipstick. – Although i would say the amount of sugar which ends up all over my face after i use this is ridiculous (i have no idea how it gets there it just does!) so because of this i am unable to take this on the go even though i would like to i am left only able to use this in the comfort of my own home, where i know it’s safe for me to have a sugary looking face!Overall, once i run out i will go back to repurchase. So that’s good right? The smell and taste is just amazing and it did actually make my lips feel much softer and less dry looking,  i would even say they appeared more plump! – but that ones probably just in my head, right? and it tastes amazing! (have i said that enough!)

What do you think of the Lush Lip Scrubs?

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  • ahh lush lipscrubs! I have always wanted to try one out! I really want to purchase the popcorn one!

    lovely post :)

  • just added this to my wishlist! keep forgetting to try one!

    zofia xo

  • I love the Santa Baby scrub bubblegum sounds lush! I'm just like you and I make such a mess with it, I could never use it in public! x
    Sweet Dreams

  • I adore lush products and the lipscrub has always been on my to-buy list but i haven't got round to it yet. I quite like the popcorn one :)

    Thanks for the review! Have a good evening <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  • i love this, had mine for ages and it lasts for such a long time! x

  • I have to pick this up this weekend! With winter here I need one!


  • This sounds amazing! On my wishlist!

  • I haven't smelled this one but I have their Popcorn scrub x

  • I adore this lip scrub it's my absolute favourite from Lush, but since it broke I've been using the Santa lip scrub which is a lovely seasonal option :o). Xx

  • Ooh I love this thing. Pricey but worth it. x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  • I'm still yet to try these out! i recently brought the red lip balm as I wanted to try out some colour on my lips but didn't know which was best to suit my skin tone. After hearing these are a great exfoliator i'm going to have to try one out!

  • This is one of my all time favourite lip scrubs…plus it takes really yummy which is also a plus :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  • This is my favourite scrub ever! It smells and tastes so good and works well on your lips since it isn't to scratchy!

    Madeline –