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blog, elf, elf brushes, review, stippling brush, through chelsea's eyes,


blog, elf, elf brushes, review, stippling brush, through chelsea's eyes,


blog, elf, elf brushes, review, stippling brush, through chelsea's eyes,
Elf Small Stipple Brush* – £3.75
Hello Everyone,
It’s been a long time since i have written a brush review for you guys, and to be honest i have no idea why as i have bought myself a couple of new eye brushes since my last review which was some time last year! ( i must remember to blog about them soon) anyway today i will redeem myself and tell you all about this little beauty of a brush from elf!
Elf is fast becoming my go to place for make up products and brushes, the quality is just second to none and well it’s super cheap – whats not to like? On first impressions this brush is quite abit smaller than your average stipple brush, i also found the bristles to be slightly more dense, i put that down to the bristles being shorter than average, the synthetic bristles make this brush perfect to use with liquid and cream products! I like to use this brush mostly with liquid foundations, the smaller bristles make it much easier to manoeuvre around the face, under the eyes and into nooks and crannies and hard to reach places of your face, it blends the foundation really well leaving me with flawless finish. – i don’t think i could ask for anything more for £3.75!
I also like to use this brush with my Elf Hd Blush* like i said the smaller brush bristles help with control and make it much easier to guide where i want the product to go, the brush is really soft which lets face it, is always really nice. I always find that if you have a highly pigmented product which the elf hd blush is, a stippling brush is the best way to apply it, it picks up just the right amount of product and is really good brush to blend out the product.
The uses for this brush are endless – i have so many the list is endless and i really love it. It’s cheep and it works super well, i think i may have to add some more elf brushes to my collection! so suggestions will be more than welcome.
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  • Hannah Williams

    You've sold this too me! Really want to try it now xo

  • Zofia|16|England

    i love these type brushes!

  • beautyqueenuk

    This sounds really good x

  • Mlhauken

    I've been meaning to pick some elf brushes up for awhile now – actually just bought some for my sister as a christmas present :) Looking forward to hear how they are!
    This sounds like lovely to be honest, so might need to pick some up ;)