YSL Lipstick Corail In Touch Review

YSL Lipstick Corail In Touch Review
YSL Lipstick Corail In Touch Review


YSL Lipstick Corail In Touch Review
YSL Lipstick Corail In Touch Review

Hi Guys,

So today’s another of my all time favourite reviews to write, its all about my new LIPSTICK! I don’t know about you guys but lipstick reviews really are my favourite to photograph and write, and well i just love everything about putting together a lippy review!
So go on then, I’ll just give you a minute to sit and admire this absolute beaut of a lipstick… ok done that? yes? good minute over. This amazing YSL lipstick was a birthday gift from my amazing friend Tash, I couldn’t believe my eyes when i opened up the envelope, and staring back at me was an super cute personalised card and this gorgeous lipstick! (to be truthful even though there was an fabulous lipstick staring me in the face i couldn’t help but love the card that bit more, soppy or what?)So lets get down to business, Tash knew i had only just been and bought my first YSL lipstick in peach passion which i reviewed for you not long ago here and well after hearing me bang on about it for so long i guess she decided to treat me to another! – isn’t she just the best!? Corail In Touch is such a me colour, i am such a sucker for coral colours and being in the luxurious form of a YSL lipstick in that gold bullet with the colour co-ordinating panels which are a little tease of the lipstick colour itself, just makes everything that tad more special, don’t you agree?
The formula is really lovely to work with, its soft, smooth and creamy, and it glided on my lips like silk! The colour is easily buildable so if you prefer a slightly stronger colour pay off you can quite quickly achieve this, and lets not forget to mention the amazing smell and taste of this lipstick, It’s hard for me to say how long it lasted because i just couldn’t stop licking it off my lips! But i carried it in my bag so i could easily top it up :)The YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks are definitely a truly luxurious lipstick, its as if a lipstick as a gloss had a baby, and this is the beautiful baby! I just can’t thank Tash enough for treating me to this for my birthday so ill say it again THANKYOU TASH :) I loves ya – soppy git ant i.

Do you like the YSL Lipsticks? What shades would you recommend?

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  • I am dying for one of these. It really suits you! xo


  • This is such a beautiful colour!

    Natalie xx

  • Oh this shade suits you so much, gorgeous.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  • EmilyGrace

    This shade is gorgeous! :)

  • Kitty Williams

    Aughhhh gorgeousss!! I'm so in love with the packaging of these lippies! Dying to get my hands on one. This coral colour suits you so well! Lovely :) xx

  • Sarah morethanadored

    What an amazing gift :) I love it on you! It suits your perfectly

    Sarah |

  • Erica

    This looks amazing on you! The color is perfect against your skin-tone :)

  • Zofia|16|England

    love the look of these, going to treat myself to one now as i have a job!

    lovely post
    zofia xo

  • A Brunette In The City

    ugh I am still waiting to get my hands on one of these! That's a gorgeous color on you!!

  • Rebekah Fenwick

    Aw I really love the shade of this colour, so pretty!

  • Emma Kelly

    Gorgeous colour Chels! Xx

  • chloebeautyy

    This is a gorgeous lipstick! I would love to be able to afford it!

  • Alexandra Miehe

    This color is so nice! I love it so much and it looks so good on you!! Beautiful!! I haven't tried a YSL lipstick yet but this color is making me want to!!

  • Walk On The Style Site

    i am addicted to coral lipsticks! this colour is gorgeous and i love the design of the ysl products! =)

  • Sophia Meola; ❤

    Ohh this is such a beautiful coral shade :D this post has made me wnt to go out and purchase one to add to my little ysl collection :D


  • Claudia

    This is gorgeous! I love coral, everything about these lipsticks is just so fancy and gorgeous. so pretty. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

    Claudia xx

  • Jessica

    The coral is very flattering on you. The YSL lipsticks are undeniably classy and grown-up!

  • abigailalicex

    This looks lovely on you!

  • Sophierosehearts

    wow that shade is perfect and it looks great on you!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Fisi ♥

    Such a gorgeous shade! Suits you so well :) This just went on my wishlist. I love Peach Passion as well, the whole Rouge Volupte range is amazing and so worth the price tag xx

  • Inês A.

    so perfect!

  • laurensibs

    This is such a pretty colour, really suits you! So cute!