Review || Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins


Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes


Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes
Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes
Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes
Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes, swatches
Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes, swatches, Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins being worn
Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins, through chelsea's eyes, swatches, Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo Raisins being worn


Hello Everyone,
So for a while now i have been just dying to get my hands on the Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo in the colour Raisins, there has been so much hype about this little eyeshadow duo and i think its mainly down the the lovely Tanya & Zoe for forever mentioning it in their videos.
Now I’m always late on ‘hyped products’ bandwagon so as usual this one was no different, eventually i get the gist of these hyped products (well don”t i sound like an old lady!) and i usually want them once everyone else has got their hands on them first and then they become sold out. – i don’t know when i will change this habit – i also hope I’m not the only one who does this!? Luckily one day a few months back, i was just browsing boots online and noticed they had it in stock! i quickly jumped up and down inside for a minute or two and then whipped it in my online basket before they said it was a mistake or that it had sold out again and with in a few days IT WAS FINALLY MINE!
First of Estée Lauder is a brand which i just totally overlook and must stop doing this, i have no idea for why but i do, i just don’t go over to the counters or find myself swishing past them in a world of my own but i made a vow to change this as when i buy a product of theirs i always love it! So onto the Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo, first things first are they not just the most b-e-a-utiful colours you have ever seen in an eyeshadow duo? I just find myself going weak at the knees every time i open it, plus the pigmentation is great – you only need a teeny tiny amount on your brush to see results   (and this really helps me when ones not the best at applying eyeshadow!)
Once you’ve applied your eyeshadow, well it’s staying put! – the longevity of these are amazing! i didn’t use a primer with mine as i am still getting into the whole eyeshadow routine, and well that wasn’t a problem, they didn’t smudge or budge all day, which was great. The only thing which I’m not too keen on about the whole thing is the eyeshadow brush which you get in the kit although let face it none of these brushes you get in are ever that good and even that is great compared to some I’ve used in the past!
At £23 it can be considered quite pricey for a pair of eyeshadows but for the quality you get and well lets face it that packaging is well worth paying extra for it’s just GORGEOUS! so for me it was very very easily justified – this little eyeshadow duo has been well loved already in the short time I’ve had it and i can’t see my love for it changing any time soon.
Did you manage to get your hands on Estée Lauder EyeShadow Duo in Raisins?

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  • is very pretty :)

  • This is gorgeous I've seen this around a few times and I love the pink shade I'm super pale so I don't think it would suit me but it looks so lovely on you!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  • Teresa Sinaguglia

    So lovely!!

    Teresa |Little Bits Of Sunshine

  • Miss K

    Beautiful colours!

  • Bethany Jade

    Ahh this is on my wishlist ever since Zoe mentioned it! They are lovely colours – a little different to what I'd usually wear but pretty and neutral all the same :) x

  • Sarah Caron

    Lovely shades! This would look gorgeous one green eyes! :)


  • Lauren L.

    Think that's the prettiest looking eyeshadow palette I've seen, looks gorgeous! x

  • Louise Smith

    Ooo this looks so pretty. I've never tried any Estee Lauder eyeshadows before!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  • Becki Vieira

    I've been lusting after this after seeing Zoe were it all the time! It really is gorgeous!
    – would love for you to pop over my blog out at some point :)

  • Hanny Cnossen

    Oooh that palette is gorgeous! I'm the same as you, I never want the hyped stuff until it's sold out. Happened to me with the Estee Lauder blush that was so popular a while back, the moment I decided I needed it in my life to be loved forever it was nowhere to be found! Such sadness. ;p

  • Ying

    I've always wanted this eyeshadow duo after seeing Zoella use it on one of her make-up looks! I haven't tried Estee Lauder's eyeshadows yet, but i don't doubt their quality because i am sure that it would be up to standards~ It's out of stock everywhere…i think i will try to find a close shade by MAC hopefully :D

    Your eye makeup looks gorgeous~ It really suits you <3
    * Yingcbeauty *
    X x X x X

  • Claire

    Such a gorgeous duo, I might have to take a look at it in duty free :-)

  • Caroline

    such a beautiful duo! me too i often overlook estee lauder, i need to start looking more at their products! X

  • Sally

    I got my mum this for her birthday and she loves it, need to get my hands on it for myself! It looks lovely on you :)

  • Layla D

    The colours and packaging is absolutely beautiful but I don't think I would spend £23 for it as I do think you can buy other brands and have the same quality but I agree the packaging and colours are beautiful haha! :)

    Layla xx

  • Claudia

    Pricey but so worth it, the colours look so stunning. I used to overlook Estee Lauder too, until I had a HUGE swatching session and now I LOVE IT! great post xxx

  • Lindsey

    The colors are gorgeous and look amazing on you. It such a pretty set and look well together or matched with others!!
    –Lindsey xx<

  • Sophie Pocock

    Great review I really want this!


  • Sej

    I've been so eager to buy this for months but I still haven't. The colours in the Raisins duo are lovely.

    Sometimes, it really is worth splurging on an expensive product if the results are so worth the price.

    Sej ||x

  • Sarah Lilly

    Everything about that eyeshadow is gorgeous. The packaging is so pretty, and I love the darker shadow
    The Lilly Mint Blog

  • Alexandra Miehe

    I have this one and it is one of my favorites eyeshadows ever! Looks really good on you!

  • Sanne

    Beautiful pictures with those flowers on the back. The eyeshadow shade suits you so well. <3

  • Anya

    I am so envious that you managed to get your hands on this! I love the colours, but its out of stock everywhere :(