Outfit || The Simple Black Maxi

black maxi, primark, flower headband, rabbit, cute rabbit picture, through chelsea's eyes
black maxi, primark, flower headband, ootd, clutch bag, through chelsea's eyes


black maxi, primark, flower headband, ootd, clutch bag, through chelsea's eyes

black maxi, primark, Michael Kors watch, ootd, black clutch bag, through chelsea's eyes

black maxi, primark, flower headband, ootd, clutch bag, through chelsea's eyes

Dress // Primark
Waistcoat // Primark
Necklace // Dorothy Perkins
Bag // Bagable*
Sandals // Primark
Flower Headband // Newlook
Watch // Michael Kors

Well i don’t know what on earth has been wrong with me lately! I seem to have just completely lost my blogging mojo.. it’s just come out of the blue as i felt like i was on quite the roll during the last couple of months but well these last few weeks i just feel myself getting more and more stuck on how to come into my blogging – does anyone else ever feel like this? i would love to know how you deal with it as it’s getting me rather down. It’s not that I’m suddenly not enjoying writing my blog anymore i think it’s just these last few weeks finding the time to concentrate has become hard and I’m getting alot of things distracting me so I’m finding myself getting stuck!
Anyways today i managed to drag myself out of that little rut long enough to pull a blog post together, and i managed to take some blog pictures for blogposts to come later this week, i did! (good girly Chels)
I wanted to show you this very simple outfit i pulled together, which is made up of mostly Primark, don’t you just love when you get a fab outfit made up of mostly Primark!? I wore it going out for dinner, been doing alot of eating out lately ops, i can’t stop eating pizza its the best… as we went out i thought i would make more of an effort by wearing my hair in a cute fishtail plait! – which I’m still learning how to master these btw and i pulled everything together with this perfect black clutch bag from bagable, it’s made for me because well if a clutch bag doesn’t have a clasp on it well I’m useless and will lose everything in that bag! – so i love the clasp plus it’s the perfect size to fit everything you need for a night out.
  • the top photo is sooo cute <3

    love the dress!


    • i couldn't resist putting skip on! :) xxx

  • Gorgeous girlie! :)


  • love the hairstyle ,pretty! :)

    • Chelsea

      Thanks! I think i will start wearing it more often! xxx

    • Chelsea

      I'm glad you like it :) xxx

  • Holly

    It's amazing how glamorous a simple maxi can make you feel/look – especially when it's from Primark (what a bargain!). You look amazing & pull off the floral headband so well.

    I always find writing plans helps me space out ideas for my blog or breakup generic beauty/fashion posts with more personal ones! (hope this helps)


  • Katy – Giggles And Makeup

    This looks love,y! Really nice for primark too! I love the wast coat too, adds a little to the outfit! Ill be keeping an eye out for this dress! Xx

  • Forever Miss Vanity

    Soo cute. You look beautiful and I love your bunny :)


  • Storybook Apothecary

    super cute dress! OMG the bunny rabbit!! SO ADORABLE!!

  • iemilyw

    Cuuuuuuuute hairstyle!! :)

  • Amy McCann

    I've been feeling very much the same lately.
    I think its not helping that I'm a bit stressed over work and not sleeping the best and stuff. I have so many ideas for blog posts but just can not find the motivation to get them written up and posted. I just took a week or two out and tried to keep it out of my mind to not cause extra stress and it did kind of help a little.

    I love the simple maxi dress look, its so easy but so flattering as well.
    love the fishtails. Very good considering your still practising :)

  • Haley

    I was in a blogging rut all summer. One day I sat down and went through all my favorite blogs and youtubes and online shopped haha and it really pulled me out of it because it reminded me how much I loved that I started it! You look so glam as always :) xx

  • Caroline

    you're so pretty chelsea xx

  • Kate A


    I love your hair like that!

  • Nicola

    Your hair looks lovely here, really like that bag too! Nic xx

  • 3Wildxx

    i LOVE your hair, so cute!

    Really like how youve got a plain dress and dressed it hobo-ey style with the accesories :)

    Following you my love :)


  • Laura

    Hello lovely!
    I know exactly how you're feeling with blogging, I'm in the same place- I thought I'd have the whole summer to blog but instead, I've not stopped working and by the time I've been getting home I'm tired and grumpy and not at all up for blogging, fingers crossed the blogging mojo returns soon!
    You look absolutely lovely by the way Mrs and your bunny is the cutest little thing. I'm still trying to master the fishtail plait too but you've definitely got it down better than me.
    I'm 100% buying that little headband too- so cute!
    Speak soon xxx

  • Lindsey

    I haven't been blogging as much recently, but I have told myself to get back into the swing of things. I started going through all my old favorite blogs and it made me realize how much I have missed it! I guess with work and the start of college, I totally neglected the blog world. Anyway, your pictures are so adorable and I love that flower headband, so cute!
    –Lindsey xx

  • Thereze Jane Fernandez

    I love your hair! you're so pretty! :) Hugs from Philippines!
    Feel free to visit and follow my blog

  • Paulina Siedlecka

    great photos! the head band looks adorable on you girl!

    This Girl Loves Chic .


  • englishrosefrommanchester

    I really REALLY like this outfit. Looks so effortless. And the hair is simply awesome – fishtail braids are the best!